10 Things No Girl Should EVER Have To Do To Impress A Guy! | POPxo
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10 Things No Girl Should EVER Have To Do To Impress A Guy!

10 Things No Girl Should EVER Have To Do To Impress A Guy!

We know girls, it is tough out there. Every single person is dating or eyeing someone from a distance. And we have all virtually stalked our exes and our crushes. But sometimes it is really not worth it. Sometimes we have to crushingly admit defeat that a person is not interested in us and move on to something way better. Here are 10 things you should never do to get a guy’s attention.

1. Lie through your teeth

We are who we are and what we are and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. You don’t have to modify your interests to be deemed attractive by a guy. If he wants to change you, he is not worth your time or energy.

2. Become possessive

If you are insecure about your relationship and visibly uncomfortable with his lifestyle, maybe you need to analyse your feelings a bit more. Attributing his lack of attention to external factors will only distance him from you.

3. Resign your life to fate

You are the only person who controls your life’s narrative. Find the strength to move on if your partner doesn’t treat you with respect. Conversely, if you like someone you need to let him know that you do. 3 never do to get a guys attention

4. Dismiss your intellect

If you have to dumb yourself down for a guy, what good is it anyway? Once you revert back to your original self after getting his attention, he’ll neither get your pop culture references nor laugh at any of your jokes. Can anything get worse than that?

5. Give up on your friends

Girls, this is a strict no. Your friends, who have always had your back, are simply indispensable. And let no guy be in a position to convince you otherwise.

6. Change the way you look

If he has a problem with your appearance - your dressing sense, the shade of your lipstick, the length of your hair - you should have a problem with him! 6 never do to get a guys attention

7. Make decisions based on what he likes

It is possible to be so infatuated by a person, that mere practicality flies out of the window. But you need to steer clear of making rash decisions on a whim - quitting your job, moving cities, letting go of all your morals, dreams and ambitions in lieu of what he thinks is right for you.

8. Forgo Your Instincts  

When you inherently feel that he is bad news and yet you are compelled to go out with him, take charge of your emotions and weigh the pros and cons. Is he really worth it? If he is, then by all means, dive in. If he isn’t, it is maybe time to learn from your previous mistakes and move on.

9. Change your diet

He might be poking your belly in public and pointing out your double chin, but hey, remember you are only human. You have your own unique body which needs its nourishment. What it doesn’t need is a body-shaming nincompoop who doesn’t deserve you anyway. 9 never do to get a guys attention

10. Get intimate before you are ready

Even if he is nagging you to your wits end to have sex, you should be in a position to say no. Find your voice and speak up. GIFs: Giphy
Published on Mar 5, 2017
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