25 ‘Love Lessons’ We All Learn Before Turning 25!

25 ‘Love Lessons’ We All Learn Before Turning 25!
Being in love is a wonderful feeling. It makes your heart grow fonder, your days more colourful and fills out all the blanks in your life. And as if that isn't enough, it also makes you stronger, more confident and helps you get your game face on to take on the world. Here are 25 things to know about love, right before you turn 25!

1. It is not like they show in the movies

No, it’s not. It’s not all flowery and happy, it’s also thorns and bumpy roads. But it is better that way! 1 things to know about love

2. It’s important to cherish the little things…

…Together! The early morning coffee, the long drive and that cuddle fest with your partner.

3. Personal space is very important

It's very, very important. You both should have a life of your own other than the one you share together.

4. Outer appearances don’t matter

Because looks fade but a great mind and a good heart doesn't. Look beyond what meets the eye.

5. Love ‘can’ happen more than once

With different people at different times in your life. And sometimes with the same person, multiple times a day. 5 things to know about love

6. Being in love makes you feel confident

Because it brings out the best in you!

7. A relationship grows and evolves

It isn’t supposed to stagnate. Your love is suppose to grow, your experiences together enrich your soul.

8. Being single is completely great too

Because sometimes it’s better to be happy by yourself than be unhappy with someone else.

9. The first crush in high school is probably not the love of your life

Because this is life, not Bollywood. You and your first high school crush may grow up to become really different people. 9 things to know about love

10. However, the first love is always special

Because it’s the first time you love unconditionally and you just take a deep dive when you do so. It’s something you can’t experience twice.

11. Love is different for each person

The definition of love differs from person to person. Some may like it to be expressive and all out there and others may not believe in expressing it out loud at all.

12. Heartbreak makes you a better person

It teaches you how to cope with life better, love yourself and enjoy your own company.

13. No two relationships are the same

So you must never judge or compare your past one to your current. It really is never the same. 13 things to know about love

14. It’s okay to compromise

Sometimes, it makes you a better person.

15. Sex is secondary, but it is important

It might not be the first thing you look for in a partner but it's one of the crucial needs in life. Don't underestimate it.

16. There’s no right time or right place to fall in love

It could happen when you're crossing the road today or happen when you’re 50! And that's fine!

17. Temptation will always be there

It’s how you choose to deal with it and where you draw the line that matters. 17 things to know about love

18. It’s not always hunky dory in a relationship

Speed breakers are a necessary part of the drive, ‘coz how else are you supposed to enjoy the rest of the journey?

19. Love is almost never about ego

And if it becomes all about ‘who's going to budge first’, you should probably know there's something wrong. If you love someone with all your heart, you'll not want to bring your ego between you two.

20. Love is friendship

As cliche as it sounds, but ‘Pyaar dosti hai!’ If he can't be your best friend first, how is he ever going to be a great boyfriend?

21. Love doesn’t have to lead to marriage

Not always. Because it is possible that one person doesn't believe in the idea of ‘marriage’. 21 things to know about love

22. It does make your world go round

Also, it gives you butterflies in your stomach, sleepless nights and keeps you smiling all day!

23. Tough times pass and give way to happy times!

Of course they do, because what else is life but if not a balancing scale of good and bad?

24. Saying sorry doesn’t make you the smaller person

Never. Apologizing for something wrong never makes you smaller in the eyes of your partner.

25. The ‘forever’ kinda love exists!

When you meet that special person, you’ll know it was all so worth it! 25 things to know about love GIFs: Giphy