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Arranged Marriage? 10 Sweet, Subtle Ways To Know He Loves You!

Arranged Marriage? 10 Sweet, Subtle Ways To Know He Loves You!

Meeting a stranger, getting married, discovering new things about each other, falling in love… Awww, arranged marriages are so magical in their own little way. Romance in an arranged shaadi is more like in some of our movies… sweet, subtle and old school. And it sure is very charming. So ladies, if you’re sailing in the same boat, this post is just for you. Here are 10 sweet ways your husband shows he loves you. Get the hint already!

1. When he calls you at work just to say hi

He’s loaded with office work and you’re busy too, but he still makes the effort to give you a call every 2-3 hours, just like that! It only means that he’s missing you and thinking about you. It could be just a minute long call, but it means SO much. 1 husband shows he loves you

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2. When he offers to drop you at your friend's place

It’s a Sunday and you’ve made plans with your girls. He so wishes you hadn’t. But while he can’t tell you how much he wanted to spend the day with you, he just offers to drive you down. Even that short 20 minutes drive makes him happy.

3. When he wakes up early and makes you tea

He may not be good at preparing a lavish breakfast for you but he does whatever little he can. He wakes up 10 mins early and prepares your morning tea. Now if that isn’t love then what is?! 3 husband shows he loves you

4. When he takes you out for dinner… just like that!

He may not be great with surprises or a little too shy for those romantic dates. But he compensates all that by taking you out for yummy dinners! And with time, you definitely can expect him to get more adventurous and creative with the plans.

5. When he makes an effort with your family

He calls your mumma-papa often and makes it a point to visit them regularly. Not just that, he pampers your younger sister and respects your family just like his own. You can notice that he’s taking that extra step just for you. 5 husband shows he loves you

6. When he does the most romantic things… randomly!

Taking your hand in a crowded street or that peck on the cheeks in the middle of the night. This is love, baby!

7. When he makes plans with your friends

So you know each other's friends but he actually makes it a point that he hangs out with your friends as much as you hang out with his. He’s putting in his best efforts to be a part of your circle and make you a part of his. 7 husband shows he loves you

8. When he brings you something without any occassion in mind

A rose, your favourite chocolate brownie or the earrings you’d been eyeing for so long - he doesn’t wait for an occasion to make the day special. In little ways, he makes everyday super special.

9. When he makes getting along with his family a smooth ride

He takes your side when need be and guides you about everyone’s likes and dislikes. He answers all your endless queries and makes sure you feel comfortable at all those family gatherings. He understands that all these people are too new for you. 9 husband shows he loves you

10. When he just lets you be!

When him being around makes you happy, when him being around gives you comfort, when you feel loved even by the way he looks at you, when he just lets you be the person you are. Without being judgemental or wanting to change a thing about you. That’s what love is all about. Now go ahead girl, give him a hug so he knows that you love him too! GIFs: Giphy
Published on Mar 10, 2017
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