11 Things He Does That Prove He Is Your *Forever* Person!

11 Things He Does That Prove He Is Your *Forever* Person!
You are crazily in love with him and you now feel like this is the relationship of your dreams. Is your only problem now that you aren’t sure if he feels the same way about you? Here are some things that he does that prove your boyfriend is serious about you as much as you are!

1. He values your opinion

No matter what he’s doing, he makes sure he takes your opinion on the matter. Not only that, he takes your view into consideration whenever he has to make a decision and acts in a way that benefits both of you.

2. He introduces you to his family and friends

He’s already introduced you to his friends and family as his partner. On top of that, he has no problem being affectionate or showing them how much you mean to him too. His friends and family have also accepted you and consider you their own because they know he loves you so much.
2 your boyfriend is serious about you

3. He's your biggest cheerleader

He’s happier than even you for all of your achievements and celebrates them with the same enthusiasm that he would celebrate his own wins. He never gets jealous or insecure even if you’re more successful in your job than he is in his at times.

4. He's done with the past

He’s done and over with his past and his past girlfriends. He’s either not in contact with them at all or has made sure they know of your position in his life if they are still friends. 4 your boyfriend is serious about you

5. He keeps his promises

He makes sure he keeps all his promises to you. Even if it's something like calling you at a particular time when he’s out, he makes sure he tries his best to do that. He’s a man of his word who makes sure he doesn’t leave you hanging in case he’s late or unable to turn up.

6. He helps around

If you two are living in together or even when he comes over, he makes an effort to help around the house with the work. He doesn’t leave his mess all over the house for you to clean up after he leaves. 6 your boyfriend is serious about you

7. He’s honest

He’s as honest as they come. He sees no point in lying to you about his whereabouts or even about his exes. There are no passwords to keep you out of any part of his life and he’s never left you wondering about where you stand with him.

8. He has deep conversations

He doesn’t shy away from having meaningful conversations with you about his life, dreams, aspirations and what makes him tick. He also makes sure that you are comfortable so that you can easily bare your heart out to him. 8 your boyfriend is serious about you

9. He makes a good impression

He made sure that when you took him out to meet your friends and family, he made a good impression on them. He dresses well and is courteous to all of them. He engages himself in conversations happening around him and blends in well with your people.

10. He includes you in his hobbies and interests

Nothing makes him happier than spending his time doing the things he loves with the person he loves the most. Whether it’s cricket or cooking, he makes sure he finds a way to have you present so that both of you can have a fun time together. 10 your boyfriend is serious about you

11. He makes an effort to solve fights

He tends to go out of his way to solve fights instead of prolonging them because he values you more than whatever you two are fighting over. Sometimes, he may even say sorry when it’s clearly your fault! Girls, if he’s doing these things, he’s in it for the long haul. Don’t you worry, just have the time of your life - with him by your side!
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