10 Signs You & Him Are The Most Chilled Out Couple Ever!!

10 Signs You & Him Are The Most Chilled Out Couple Ever!!
There are mushy couples, there are adventurous couples, there are cute couples and then…there are the chilled out ones! Those who don’t stress about petty things and can mostly be found in their PJs laughing at some silly joke. Here are 10 signs that prove you are a chilled out couple and you love it!

1. You can do without PDA

You do indulge in the occasional hand holding and cute hugs but you never obsess over it. You are completely fine with the other kind of PDA - Private Display of Affection! 1 chilled out couple

2. You often joke about topics that are socially unacceptable

...like farts, poop and other bodily functions. And you just can’t imagine having a better conversation with your significant other!

3. Your friends often ask you for relationship advice

Whenever your friends need some sorted and mature relationship advice, they always rush to you. All of them believe that you two have really got the art of coexistence down pat. They’re really not that far off from the truth, are they? 3 chilled out couple

4. There is no ‘text immediately’ pressure

You talk all through the day but you don’t go berserk if your partner doesn’t reply immediately to every message and vice versa. In fact, sometimes you wish you could go back to the times when all this technology didn’t exist and write weekly letters to each other instead!

5. You know how to let things go

Fights happen in every relationship but you guys know how to let bygones be bygones. You don’t keep grudges and definitely don’t hold on to arguments for too long. 5 chilled out couple

6. There is no awkward silence - EVER!

You are either enjoying conversations or enjoying the silence, there is nothing awkward about any of it!

7. You don’t need to hang out all the time

You just don’t understand why people obsess about being with their partners all the time. Both of you love your alone time and respect the other’s as well!
7 chilled out couple

8. But when you do, you’re always having fun

However, when you do get together, you have an absolutely wonderful time full of love and laughter! (And some other sexy stuff! *Wink*)

9. You are both equally satisfied with Netflix and chill

Netflix and chill is your thing! And by that, we don’t mean hooking up (although that is an important part as well!) but, literally, just watching TV and lazing around the house in your PJs is something both of you enjoy! 9 chilled out couple

10. But that doesn’t mean you don’t go out

You might prefer staying in sometimes but you also love doing new and interesting things together. You’re always figuring out new places to go to or experiences to try because you are not just dating for the sake of dating but also for the love of your partner’s company! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr