10 Things About Girls That Guys *Love* (No, Not Looks!)

10 Things About Girls That Guys *Love* (No, Not Looks!)
Falling in love with someone is something that goes way beyond looks. And that is true for men and women alike. A guy may have a lot of crushes but when he falls for that one woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, he falls in love with who she is, not how she looks. Here are 10 qualities that make men fall for women!

1. Confidence of a lady

There is nothing sexier about a woman than her confidence. A woman who can carry herself with confidence no matter what she is wearing or who she is with is most definitely every guy's dream come true! 1 qualities that make men fall for women

2. Her carefree and badass way of dealing with life

The girl who doesn’t care much for what the world thinks of her in amazing in everyone's eye. She has her own badass way of dealing with life and she doesn’t feel the need to be validated by anyone else. She is open and free and that’s just SO attractive!

3. Her passion for something she loves and believes in...

A woman who loves something and is passionate about it like it was her lease of life is the most attractive one in the world. Almost all men love women who have dreams and, more so, have the courage to chase them down to the last mile. 3 qualities that make men fall for women

4. But also loves to have fun and crazy nights after she is done with her chase for the day!

Who can really resist a woman with an easy breezy vibe to her? Someone who can let her hair loose and be the party starter when the occasion calls for it!

5. Her intelligence and ability to make good conversation

There are more sapiosexuals in this world than you think! Men love women who are intelligent, can make good, healthy conversation and also carry the conversation for a considerable amount of time. She is the kind of woman that can make a man want to talk all night long!
5 qualities that make men fall for women

6. Her kindness and compassion

A man doesn’t need a grand gesture to prove a woman's compassion. Little things like the way she talks to waiters at a party or treats her subordinates or reacts to people who confide in her or come to her for advice, show her kind and compassionate side. Trust us, it makes men turn super mushy!

7. Her patience

A woman who can keep her calm when everyone around her is losing it is the woman who leaves men in awe of her. Her patience and the ability to tackle a difficult situation make her attractive and adorable at the same time. 7 qualities that make men fall for women

8. Her adventure streak

Men love it if their lady love has an adventurous streak. This doesn’t just mean climbing mountains and parasailing… You can be adventurous in other ways too. A woman who is more than happy to be on board with an impulsive trip or is willing to take a chance to do something in an unconventional way, is so darn attractive!

9. The way she adapts to her surroundings without much fuss

There is something so insanely beautiful about a woman who can adapt to the environment around her even if it isn’t one she is most comfortable in or one she isn’t used to!
9 qualities that make men fall for women

10. Her smile

Smile in not solely a physical attribute, no! Men cannot help but fall in love with a woman who has an honest, unadulterated smile that starts from her eyes and extends to her lips and the rest of her body. Not that you need this reason to smile, but it’s a bonus, no? GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr