10 Perks Of Having A Guy Bestie When You’re Getting Married!

10 Perks Of Having A Guy Bestie When You’re Getting Married!
Remember the bond that Kalki and Ranbir Kapoor shared in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? Don’t you just wish that you too had a guy bestie like Bunny? We have to say, if you are getting married and have a guy bestie in your life, you’re one lucky girl! Here are a few awesome perks of having a guy bestie around you, especially during the time you are getting married!

1. He will never do any drama

There is too much happening around you when you are getting married. You need to handle your old relationships as well as manage your new ones, and your guy bestie at this time will understand your situation very well. Your girlfriends might crib about you not spending enough time with them, but he will never do that. He will try his best to reduce the drama in your life rather than adding to it. 1 perks of having a guy bestie

2. He will always give you an honest opinion

Even though you might have to emotionally blackmail him into going shopping with you, he is one person who will always give you an honest opinion about what looks good on you and what doesn’t. He might not have good knowledge on cuts and embroideries, but he will let you know whether or not the overall outfit is suiting you.

3. He is the one to complain to

He might not understand why you are cribbing about a Facebook friend of yours wearing the same colour lehenga that you are to wear at one of your functions, but he will be all ears for your venting. Even if you call him at 4 am and complain about some random issue, he will hear you out. 3 perks of having a guy bestie

4. He will help you understand your fiancé

If you ever have a fight with your fiancé and don’t seem to understand his point of view, you know who to call and take advice from. Your guy bestie will be there to give you a guy’s perspective on situations and that will help you understand things from your fiancé’s point of view.

5. He will also help you plan surprises for your fiance

Your guy bestie will also be the one who’ll help you plan surprises for your fiancé. He knows exactly what guys like and will help you plan the perfect date for him. 5 perks of having a guy bestie

6. He can make you laugh in any situation or mood

Guys in general have a good sense of humour and if you have a guy bestie in your life then you have a constant source of entertainment. On days when you are feeling emotional about leaving your home and your parents, he will know how to brighten up your mood and make you laugh.

7. He will correct you when you’re wrong

At times when he feels that you are being irrational or not being fair in a situation, he will make sure he corrects you. He will be blunt and sometimes even say things to you which you might not want to even hear. But the only reason he does this is because he has your best interest in mind. 7 perks of having a guy bestie

8. He will keep all your secrets safe

Want to complain about your mother-in-law? Or sometimes about your fiancé? Well, you have someone who will always be there to listen to your rants. He is one person who you can openly and freely say anything to without worrying about the information being passed on.

9. He’ll always be there for you

He is one person who has always been there for you and no matter what, he will always be there for you. You know it deep within your heart that even if you do not get to talk to him every day, how he feels for you will never change. He will always be just a phone call away. 9 perks of having a guy bestie

10. He will miss you

He will never say it or show it, but he is really going to miss you once you are married. Even though he is very happy for you, he will miss all the fun times he has spent with you and is dreading your vidaai time. Yes ladies, it isn’t only your girl besties who get all emotional. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr