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11 Awesome Ideas To Make Your Sangeet EVEN. MORE. FUN!!

11 Awesome Ideas To Make Your Sangeet EVEN. MORE. FUN!!

The sangeet night is one function which everyone looks forward to. It is the night when everyone lets their hair down, and the Shammi Kapoor in all the uncles comes to the forefront. The music and dance set the mood and everyone creates memories that last forever. To make your celebrations even more fun and exciting, we have some wedding sangeet ideas you can try, to have a rocking sangeet night!

1. Let the elders begin the show

If your grandparents are willing, make them kick start the dance performances for the night by making them wear sunglasses and having them point at the DJ and dance to “DJ waale babu mera gaana bajaa do”. 1 wedding sangeet ideas

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2. Let the crowd cheer

Keep whistles on the tables where your guests are seated while watching the dance performances. Let them whistle while you and your friends and family dance the night away! The whistle sound along with the clapping and hooting will add so much energy to the function.

3. A shoe counter

It is natural for all the women to get tired dancing in their heels.To avoid this, you could keep some flip flops for those whose feet start hurting. This will make it easy for them to continue dancing and party all night. 3 wedding sangeet ideas

4. A flash mob

This is a new concept which has suddenly taken over weddings and rightly so. It is one of the most fun ways to get the party started. Plan an impromptu flash mob with your friends and cousins. You all can spread out in the audience and suddenly start dancing and make it a fun night. Also read: 7 Awesome Songs The *Whole* Family Can Perform To At The Sangeet

5. Qawwali or sufi night

A sangeet night is all about music and dance but you could do something different too. Have a live sufi or qawwali singer for the first half of the function and let the festive mood set in. Live singers always bring the crowd together and their music is often enjoyed by everyone. Once everyone is in the mood, let the DJ take over and bring everyone to the dance floor. 5 wedding sangeet ideas

6. Paper dance

Bring together all the couples at the party, including your grandparents. Challenge them for a paper dance competition. This game will surely bring back sweet memories of everyone's childhood. Your guests are going to have a great time laughing and goofing around while playing this game.

7. Family dance

Bring both the families together and make them do a fun performance on a happy wedding song like "Dil dhadakne do", or "London thumakda". Maximum number of whistles, hooting and clapping for this one! 7 wedding sangeet ideas

8. Awards night

This is a great idea to make your sangeet night more fun. Get trophies made from local vendors and award your friends and family. Pick out funny titles like, "Dancing queen", "Mai toh apni favourite hoon", "Cool devar" etc. You could also have nominees to keep everyone guessing who the award will go to, and make the final announcements midway into the night.

9. Ice breaking competition

Break the ice between the girl's side and the boy's side by having a face-off between them. Make chits of names of family members of both the sides in two different bowls, ask the MC to pick one chit from the two bowls respectively. The names that are picked out, have to dance together and break away from all the awkwardness. 9 wedding sangeet ideas

10. A midnight feast

The sangeet night surely is a night that goes on till the wee hours of the morning. Your guests are surely going to get hungry after some time. You could get a popcorn cart and serve some warm yummy popcorn or even organise some midnight pizzas! Also read: 7 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Your Sangeet Outfit

11. Don't let anyone leave

Apart from the elderly lot and kids, do not let anyone leave your party! Have a shot station at the exit of your sangeet and whoever decides to leave has to have a shot before exiting the venue. People would never forget this idea on how they had fun till their last step at your sangeet. 11 wedding sangeet ideas GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Sep 29, 2016
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