filmy dialogues moms should stop using

10 Filmy Lines We *Wish* Our Moms Would Stop Using!!

Amrita Paul

Junior Lifestyle Editor

We all love our moms to bits, but sometimes their love and affection gets a bit too much for us. And no matter how old we are, we will never cease to be their ‘children’, deemed to be pampered rotten and emotionally blackmailed whenever they like. Here are 10 filmy dialogues moms should stop using!

1. ‘Beta, you are of marriageable age now.’

Really mom?! I thought I was too young to be making serious life decisions 5 minutes ago?

1 filmy dialogues moms should stop using

2. ‘Did we bring you up itne pyaar se for you to behave like this?’

Sorry Ma, I will not go out for lunch with colleagues, when you have already packed me some.

3. ‘What will people say?’

Um… That they are jealous of my fabulous life?

4. ‘You have changed so much…’

To become a better person, maybe? And you have known me for...ALL my life!

4 filmy dialogues moms should stop using

5. ‘When I was your age, I already had you.’

And I, uh, have a goldfish. Does that count?

6. ‘No one can be happy after hurting their mother.’

But I literally JUST cracked a joke! That's ALL!

7. ‘A woman’s life is complete once she has a child.’

I’d say my life is pretty complete right now too.

7 filmy dialogues moms should stop using

8. ‘A woman is born for the second time when she is a wife, the third when she is a mother…’

Which reminds me, it is my birthday next month. What are you getting me?

9. ‘You can’t bribe your mother into liking you!’

That's so not why I bought you the pair of gold earrings that you really liked the other day! Honestly!

10. ‘Only a mother knows what’s best for her child.’

A brand new car? Why, yes mother, you do know me better than I know myself.

10 filmy dialogues moms should stop using

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Published on Mar 14, 2017
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