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A Bridal Baraat & Other Awesome Trends For The Bride With Swag!

A Bridal Baraat & Other Awesome Trends For The Bride With Swag!
Shout out to all the 2017 brides - get your bridal swag on, because your wedding will be like no other. Gone are the days when weddings were just work, running around and long, boring ceremonies. Here are some must dos for a new age bride, just to make your wedding preps and the big day a lot more fun and super special!

1. Live posting

As the bride gets her mehendi put or when the sangeet performances are going on in full swing - you’ve got to have live posts on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat for all those who’re missing out on the fun. Got it all covered? 1 must dos for a new age bride

2. Behind-the-scenes shots

The new-age bride is under the limelight much before the wedding day. Behind-the-scenes shots of all the wedding preps and drama have to be documented, ladies. Apart from it making a buzz on social media, get your wedding photographer and videographer to document it all and include it in the wedding film and album. The social media posts will give your guests a sneak peek into what’s in store for them at the shaadi, and all this documented by a pro will make for some sweet memories.

3. Dedicated Whatsapp groups for wedding planning

The new-age bride will typically have multiple wedding-related Whatsapp groups. From the bachelorette group to the wedding planning committee, they’re all active and so involved in the shaadi preps. Constantly buzzing with exciting conversations, updates and planning ideas - save that phone battery of yours, we say. 3 must dos for a new age bride

4. The mandatory bridal selfie

The mandatory bridal selfie has got to happen! We’re talking about that perfect photograph clicked once you’re absolutely ready, and stepping out of your bridal chambers.
P.S. This shot makes for a stunning Facebook profile photograph capturing your most special moment as a bride. Update your DP right after you change your relationship status to ‘married’.

5. Photo booth fun

Organising a photo booth at your wedding, where guests can get some crazy photographs clicked, is a great way to create some insane memories of your special day. Besides, it’s something different and fun for the guests to look forward to, beyond the regular khaana-peena, gaana-bajaana at the function. 5_must_dos_for_a_new_age_bride

6. Bridal baraat entry!

Phoolon ki chaadar is so old school! The modern bride has a bridal baraat where the bride enters dancing along with all her besties and cousins to the beat of a dhol. Our suggestion - wear a pair of funky sunglasses and keep some props handy for your girlfriends as well! So fun, right?

7. Wedding boomerangs, anyone?

Some super fun boomerangs are a must for every modern-day bride. From flashing her mehendi to twirling in her gorgeous wedding lehenga to the first kiss… All these moments are super boomerang-worthy! Go for it, you super cool bride you! 7 must dos for a new age bride

8. A wedding hashtag is a must!

Brides-to-be, come up with a quirky hashtag for your wedding and have all your friends and relatives use it for all your photographs. The hashtag could be a fusion of both your fiancé and your names or whatever else that you fancy. Get ticking on this one already!

9. Save the date

A modern wedding trend is to WhatsApp a cute ‘save the date’ clip or image to all the guests. And you, the 2017 bride, must do the same. This is done much before the invitation cards have been delivered, so that all your guests block those dates for your wedding celebrations and make it to your big day. Now that’s some serious planning, isn’t it? 9 must dos for a new age bride

10. Wedding gowns

These days, brides often opt for super stylish ethnic gowns on their cocktail night instead of a traditional Indian ensemble. In addition to giving the bride a super glamorous look, a gown is also way more comfortable to wear and dance in! And won’t that make for an outfit different from the rest of your functions? Smart choice, we say. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr