11 Absurd Dating ‘Trends’ You Should TOTALLY Avoid!

11 Absurd Dating ‘Trends’ You Should TOTALLY Avoid!
Ladies, while it’s great to keep up with trends there are a few which are simply not worth your time. Since our generation is very much into dating (which is great, by the way), the concept of dating has come to include numerous new dating trends over the years. But here are a few dating trends  you should stay miles away from! Don’t do 'em, don’t tolerate 'em!
1. Ghosting Ever dated someone who was having coffee with you one day, but the very next day just seemingly vanished into thin air? Yep. That’s ghosting. The act of suddenly cutting all communication, most probably because they no longer want to date someone.  P.S.: Someone needs to tell them ghosters about this weird thing called ‘communication’. 1 dating trends

2. Hoovering

Hoovering is one of the crazy dating trends where your partner forces you to get back into or stay in a relationship with him/ her by threatening to physically harm themselves, if they aren't obeyed. This is just plain scary! 

3. Breadcrumbing

When someone sends you flirtatious but non-committal messages in order to make sexual advances at you but without making too much of an effort for it. Why, guys, why?!  3 dating trends

4. Benching

Benching is like graduated ghosting. It's when you start dating someone and they seem kinda okay (nothing out of the world, though) and you decide you will date this person till you find someone better. So you basically put them into the ‘Maybe’ zone and go out and patrol the other available ‘options’. Does this sound fair to you? 

5. Catch and release

One of the worse dating trends, catch and release is exactly what it sounds like. Some people are just in it for the chase. Is there a hot guy/ girl everyone wants to date? One person takes this as a personal challenge and does everything to woo them. And once they succeed… They are done! They won’t date that person or anything. So exactly like catching and releasing! What a waste of time! 
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6. Passive ghosting

Passive ghosting takes place on platforms like Tinder. So someone swiped right on your profile and you guys matched. Now when you try to have a conversation with them they seem disinterested and typically give one-word answers. You then realize that they were never genuinely interested and were basically just goofing around. This is what passive ghosting is. Sounds fun, right? *Note the sarcasm* 

7. Zombeing

Yep. It’s a total horror movie out here. First ghosting and now zombeing. This is basically when the person who ghosted on you randomly resurfaces (like a zombie) and resorts to randomly liking your photos and posts on social media, as if nothing ever happened! One helluva zombie this dude is! 7 dating trends

8. Lemming

Lemming is when someone breaks up with their partner simply because their best friend or close friend, who was also in a relationship with someone, broke up. Sounds stupid? Totally is! 

9. Catfishing

Ladies, how many times has it happened that a guy looked hot AF with his abs and his on-point hairstyle, but when you met him he looked the absolute antithesis of his picture? Yes, a million. That’s what catfishing is. Beware of catfish, you pretty peeps!  9 dating trends

10. Fizzling

Whoever does this is, more often than not, a douchebag. This is when you are dating someone and they lose interest in the relationship. But instead of telling you that they don’t want to date you anymore and breaking up with you, they just become unavailable to you. They don’t answer your calls, ignore your texts and make up silly excuses for not hanging out. They do this in the hope that you will take the hint and leave them alone. In short, they hope that the relationship will ‘fizzle’ out on its own. 

11. Recycling

Ah! One of the nastiest dating trends, recycling is just another word for going back to an ex… And we all know a million reasons why this is a bad idea. Steer clear of this one ladies! 11 dating trends GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr