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10 GENIUS Tips To Look Even MORE Photogenic On Your Wedding Day!

10 GENIUS Tips To Look Even MORE Photogenic On Your Wedding Day!
The one thing we’ve always asked you to splurge on at your wedding is the wedding photographer. Because once the event is over and everyone goes back to their respective homes, it’s only pictures that you have. Every bride wants to look like a dream in her wedding pictures. And you will, babe. But here are a few tips to make those pictures look even better! Yes, you sure need a great photographer but there are so many more things that can change the way you look in your photos. Follow these 10 genius tips to look photogenic at your wedding.

1. Plan a pre-wedding shoot

It’s a fab way to break the ice between you and your photographer. And it also gives you, the couple, a fair idea of what it’s going to be like on the big day. Working together as a team before the wedding will help you all understand each other better and you can also expect some expert tips from your photographer.

2. Comfort comes first

2 tips to look photogenic at your wedding When you’re uncomfortable, it shows on your face and in the pictures, no matter how hard you try to fake it! Make sure you choose a pair of heels that don’t kill your feet. Wear a weather appropriate lehenga that you can carry off with ease and most importantly, ensure that once the dupatta is pinned onto your head, you can twist and turn your head without much discomfort.

3. The getting ready session

Getting ready pictures are such a rage right now and honestly, this is where you can get the prettiest, most candid and the most beautiful shots. Create a playlist of all your favourite soundtracks and play it in your bridal room. Else, you’ll only have a hundred tasks and emotions running through your mind. Ease out and relax as you play that music and let the photographer get to the job. You need to be in a relaxed state of mind for your pictures to look good!

4. Natural lighting is SO flattering

We know that your wedding day will be super packed but if you can find time when the light is just right, don’t think twice before posing. Natural lighting can look really, really flattering. If you’re not the very spontaneous kind, opt for a quick photo session at dusk. The light during this hour is extremely soft and does not cast shadows. It also lights up the area under your eyes to give your face a natural glow.

5. Make your eyes pop open!

5 tips to look photogenic at your wedding Those harsh studio lights and camera flashes at the venue make it difficult to keep your eyes open. And how can pictures with half shut eyes ever look nice? Firstly, try and keep the lights to a minimum since they can also make you look washed out. Secondly, before every click, look directly at the source of light, shut your eyes for a second or two and then reopen them. It’ll be much easier for you to keep your eyes open while the picture is being clicked.

6. The left or the right profile?

Everyone has a ‘good side’ of their face. For some, the left side photographs better, while for others, it could be the right side that does the trick. Find out which side of your face looks more flattering in pictures. Ideally, your photographer will be able to help you out with this during the pre-wedding shoot. Or else, we girls have pretty much already figured it out thanks to all those selfies!

7. Keep your favourites closeby!

We mean your besties and all the people you love. Because you’ll feel happy around them and thus, look happy too! A natural smile always looks better than a forced one. And as they say, your smile should reach your eyes.

8. Drink plenty of water

8 tips to look photogenic at your wedding No, in no way are we saying that water makes you look more photogenic. But consumption of alcohol, sodas or insane amounts of caffeine sure do cause puffiness while also dehydrating you. Basically, your natural glow is gone! Keep the content of these liquids low and balance it out by drinking lots of water.

9. A makeup trial is a must

Your makeup may look great in person, but does it picture equally well? You’ll never know until you get your pictures. That is exactly why we suggest you get a trial done before the wedding. Most makeup artists are happy to oblige, and once your trial is done, you can try clicking your pictures under various kinds of lighting. Find out if you look washed out or too bright before finalising the look.

10. Smile!

Because nothing can make you look more photogenic than a nice, big, bright smile! But yes, there is no harm in practicing your best smiley face in front of the mirror. And yup, do get a teeth whitening treatment before the big day. A beautiful smile = a beautiful you, and the most amazing wedding pictures! Internal images: Shutterstock