a womans besties

A Girl, Her Vagina & Her Boobs - You Will Laugh Until You Cry!!

Pradipta Sarkar

Managing Editor, POPxo

If you're a girl who's sexually active, you've had at least one pregnancy scare in your life. And sworn, while you were waiting anxiously for your period to arrive, that you'd never have sex again because the days of stress just doesn't seem worth the moments of orgasmic bliss! You probably had a lot of internal monologues during that time too - along the lines of 'OMG, I'm going to break up with my boyfriend and become a celibate sanyasin! Just. Can't. Handle. THIS!!!' Now, ladies, imagine this...that your entire body is joining in that internal conversation. Well, at least your lady bits are. Your 'besties' - your boobs, your vagina, your clit - are weighing in with their opinions about your situation. Can't imagine it? Thanks to the ever-awesome AIB (and Mallika Dua), you don't have to either - for here we have Priya talking to her besties (Vagayenti, Clitika and Geeta-Boobita) as she waits for her home pregnancy test results. And it's a funnier, wackier and crazier video than you could have ever imagined. Watch ‘A Woman’s Besties’ now...and laugh ALL DAY LONG!
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Published on Feb 28, 2017
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