13 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When She Wears An Underwired Bra!

13 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When She Wears An Underwired Bra!
Come to think of it, underwired bras share a strange kind of bond with our boobs. Sure, they give our twins the support they deserve, but they also can be kinda uncomfortable! Which makes for quite an experience when you start wearing these babies. Here are 13 thoughts every girl has when she wears an underwired bra for the first time!

1. OMG! This cute bra looks so pretty and colourful.

I bet it will make my boobs look even prettier! 1 underwired bra

2. Alright! Time to put this bad baby to the test!

*Moment of truth*

3. Okay then...I’m starting to choke.

Oh gosh! It makes my boobs look like two bazookas. 3 underwired bra

4. Whaaat? There’s METAL in this thing!

A metal wire?! WTF, am I going to start beeping when I walk through security check at the mall?

5. Um, this kinda feels like someone is actually holding my boobs.

My boyfriend should actually take lessons from this bra. #facepalm 5 underwired bra

6. Wait! Did this just poke me?!

I’m starting to think that this thing may actually be alive.

7. Hmm… I’m not sure if I can step out wearing this underneath my tee, my chest looks a bit TOO well-shaped.

Maybe I should throw on a jacket just to be safe. 7 underwired bra

8. OMG, I feel like my boobs are on a pedestal.

*Sigh* So not used to this...

9. Why are people randomly staring at my chest?

I should stick a note on my forehead that reads ‘My eyes are up here, people!’
9 underwired bra

10. Wait, are people staring because my boobs look weird?

Why does it feel like one of my boobs is up and the other down? So awkward!

11. I should totally calm down and just breath.  

Yep, it’s all in my mind... 11 underwired bra

12. Hey, look! I have some mega cleavage!

Better click a selfie to remember this day! Or should I say, boobfie? *Hehehe*

13. Well, despite all the discomfort, at least my twins look great!

It’s like my boobs, but better! *Wink* 13 underwired bra GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy