11 Things That Make A Girl Seem *Sexier* - Instantly!

11 Things That Make A Girl Seem *Sexier* - Instantly!
We’ve all seen or met women who ooze sex appeal. Yes, the ones that walk in a room and all eyes are on them! So what are these qualities that instantly make a woman sexier? Well, we’ve got 11 of them for you right here!

1. A genuine smile

When a girl is not afraid to give her goofy, uninhibited smile and really display her happiness, her sex appeal reaches an all time high! 1 instantly make a woman sexier

2. Having her own opinion

Nothing is sexier than a woman who has her own opinions and isn’t afraid to say them out loud. That doesn’t, however, mean that she doesn’t respect other opinions. But she keeps hers intact too!

3. The ability to share her feelings

When a women is open about what she feels and is not afraid to show it, it’s a sign of emotional and mental strength. She embraces her emotions and you can be sure that she’ll embrace yours too! 3 instantly make a woman sexier

4. An adventurous streak

When a girl isn’t afraid to let her hair down and get down and dirty, letting her adventurous side out, she gets people hooked!

5. Elegance - in style and personality

There’s just something so appealing about elegance in a woman. When she moves with a warmth in her eyes and a spring in her step! 5 instantly make a woman sexier

6. A sense of humour

It’s always fun to speak to someone with a great sense of humour. Someone who knows how to crack a joke and also, take a joke about themselves.

7. The ability to be vulnerable yet strong

Being vulnerable is not about being weak. It’s about accepting that you, like every other human being, have emotions that might get hurt. However, a confident woman always knows how to handle her vulnerability in the best way possible. 7 instantly make a woman sexier

8. Being open about sex

Being shy is so last year! A woman is sexy when she isn’t afraid to treat sex as it is - a physical desire.

9. Playfulness

Laugh, be naughty, be carefree. Happiness is contagious and everyone loves a jolly woman! 9 instantly make a woman sexier

10. Self-respect

It’s a turnoff to see a submissive woman. A confident and sexy woman is someone who knows that nobody should take her for granted.

11. Well dressed

Classy will always be in, ladies! It’s one fashion trend that can never be called ‘last season’. Of course, feel free to experiment but whenever you’re in doubt - go classy! 11 instantly make a woman sexier GIFs: Giphy