11 Silly But Sweet Signs Your Relationship Will Last… Forever!!

11 Silly But Sweet Signs Your Relationship Will Last… Forever!!
You’ve been together for so long now that even the new neighbour’s cat can tell. Out with the superfluous, in with the basic – but that’s the charm of a relationship that is out of its honeymoon phase! Here are some signs of a long term relationship that can help you tell if you’re in it for the long haul.

1. The butterflies come and go

The ones that fluttered in your stomach every time you saw him or when he held your hand? They may seem to frequent less with time. Nothing wrong with it, only means that you, your mind and your body is used to him being around.

2. There is a lot of invisible chemistry

You just know what’s next, from the way he stirs sugar in his coffee or how he folds the paper. Now the two of you work in tandem, without saying a word to each other.

3. That gut feeling gets stronger

You just know that he’s here to stay! He’ll always be there when you need him. 3 signs of a long term relationship

4. He becomes your partner in crime

When you want to skip a social engagement, one look and you both just know it – you’re both equally lazy to move from the bed!

5. Things that make you feel special have changed

It isn’t always about getting pampered with a spa date or an extravagant dinner. A simple text asking how you’re feeling when you’re on your period or a cuppa hot chocolate on a cold day - you can tell how much he loves you with these small, thoughtful gestures.

6. You feel pretty in pajamas

You’re comfortable waking up next to him with last night’s smudged makeup still on, sporting a non-artful messy bedhead and wearing your oldest pajamas.
6 signs of a long term relationship

7. You have a blast together!

Whether it’s a night out dancing or pigging out on your favourite greasy meal - you two genuinely love each other’s company.

8. He’s always on your mind

When you picture the future – he’s automatically in it.

9. You don’t have to fill the silence

Silence is gold. You both are happy in your own zones in the same room. 9 signs of a long term relationship

10. His opinion matters

Even if it’s about what to get for your best friend’s sister’s birthday gift. You want to know his opinion.

11. He crops up in almost all your conversations

And not necessarily as the main guy of the story, but just in passing. You just can’t help yourself. GIFs: Giphy