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Confessions Of A Girl Who Loves Reading Erotic Stories Online!

Confessions Of A Girl Who Loves Reading Erotic Stories Online!

Some find satisfaction in watching adult clips, I’m the kind of girl who likes reading erotic stories online. What they lack visually, they make up by stimulating my mind and imagination. I’m able to create those intimate scenes by allowing my imagination to run wild. I knew the web was secretly a world for ‘x rated’ content, but stories on Google about sexual encounters were pretty taboo to me till the age of 17. The first time I heard of them was when I was staying over at my friend’s place. Our long late night conversations mostly revolved around books, food, travel and of course, boys. While we were talking, she paused for a minute and randomly asked me if I had ever watched porn.
‘Who hasn’t?’ I replied. My instant reply took her by shock. I told her that I find porn too overrated. It looks unnatural, rough and scripted. I mean, to each his own, of course. Since I like reading, she suggested that instead of watching, I should read erotic stories. There are zillions of them online and I’d be spoilt for choice. At first, I laughed, but after a couple of days, I looked it up on the internet. She was right, a zillion articles popped up. And quite a variety, I must add. Stories from all over the globe and each one turned out to have a kinkier twist than the other. reading erotic stories At one point of time, I was even addicted to it. The difference between porn and erotic stories is that I there’s a build-up of events. A small incident leads to something even steamier. In most cases, it’s written in first person and you’re able to read it from the character's POV. Every story had its own charm. Some lacked the fizz, and some were too over the top. However, exaggerated or not, both seemed believable in the end. The best part about reading erotic stories is that you don’t have to hide it from anyone. You can be surrounded by people and no one would even think you’re reading a steamy tale. Suddenly, you feel like you’re watching a film. The images you fantasize are the video and the text you read acts as the script. All you’ve got to do is sit back, relax and dive into your fantasy land.
Reading erotic stories has opened my mind about sex. I’ve come to understand that people view sex quite differently. There’s a tone, there’s freedom of written expression and most importantly, they feel so real. I have to confess, porn didn’t help me get an orgasm, but reading erotica totally did. Images: Shutterstock
Published on Jan 17, 2017
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