11 Awkward Sex Moments Every Couple Faces… So Chill, Girl!

11 Awkward Sex Moments Every Couple Faces… So Chill, Girl!
Every couple completes certain milestones over the course of their relationship. Sometimes they’re sweet ones like the first time you kissed or that time he introduced you to his parents. While other milestones are, uh, not so sweet. We’re talking about those awkward and embarrassing incidents in bed! While they may be uncomfortable in the moment, over time they become sweet memories that bring a couple closer together. Here are a few awkward moments in bed, that almost every couple has faced. Have a good laugh remembering yours!

1. When someone knocks on the door

..Just when things had started getting steamy in the room!

2. How you look in the morning

Messy hair, unbrushed teeth and smudged mascara from the previous night. Yes, we know, it’s quite hard to pull off that look!   2 awkward moments in bed

3. Period sex

Nobody can ever forget the first time they have sex on their period. Things can get messy and embarrassing!  

4. Failed attempts at talking dirty

Being in the middle of sex talk and suddenly getting tongue tied - we’ve all been there. Also, that feeling when you’re trying to talk dirty but can’t help but wonder if you sound kinky or just funny! 4 awkward moments in bed

5. Those weird sounds during sexy time

When your bodies slap together in a way that it creates extremely strange sounds. You both suddenly have no idea what to do with the unsexy background music.

6. When one of you gets injured

You’re trying a new sex position and bam! Instead of keeping things steamy and sensual, one of you ends up getting hurt. 6 awkward moments in bed

7. When you need to pee

Realising you need a pee break when you’re right in the middle of a hot, steamy makeout sesh. Then wondering if you should pause or if you’ll be able to control it till the end.

8. When you have to fake it

When one of you tries really hard to make the other one have a ‘pleasurable’ time, but it doesn’t quite work out... 8 awkward moments in bed

9. Struggling to get out of your clothes

...Especially with the number of layers we have on during the winter. Or when you have a tricky bra on and he takes forever to unhook it. Haven’t we all had such moments?

10. When the bed sustains some injuries

You both were so caught up with the heat of the moment that, the next morning, you’re left with one broken bed and two embarrassed faces. 10 awkward moments in bed

11. When the condom breaks

You both were having a great time together till you realised that the condom tore. It’s time to press the panic button! The wait for your next period is so stressful on the both of you. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr