15 Things Your Long Distance Boyfriend Wants You To Know

15 Things Your Long Distance Boyfriend Wants You To Know
Long distance relationships come with their share of perks and puddles. Distance does make a lot of things hard, but at the same time it makes your bond so much stronger. You tend to be more patient, understand each other better and develop trust that is stronger than the strongest wave of doubt. Since some guys aren't always conversation champions, here are a few things your long distance boyfriend wants you to know…

1. He knows it’s hard for you because it’s equally hard for him too...

But he knows that it’s worth the effort.

1 Long distance boyfriend

2. He misses being around you…

Even if he doesn’t send you too many ‘miss you’ texts, know that he does, in fact, miss you a lot. He probably does not want to keep reminding you of the distance, and hence may not say it as much.

3. A simple good morning text puts a big smile on his face!

Quite literally! The day just gets so much better when he sees your message. *Aww*

3 Long distance boyfriend

4. Random things remind him of you during the day…

That time he abruptly called you in the middle of the day? Something probably reminded him of you. Maybe your fav movie or food or ice-cream.

5. He is not hitting on other girls, and he does not intend to…

He loves you and he does not see distance as an opportunity to ‘explore his options’.

5 Long distance boyfriend

6. And sometimes he too is scared you may find someone better

Not because he does not trust you, but because he too is just human and may get insecure at times. But he smothers his fear with his love for you and the trust he has in your relationship.

7. He likes to do cute couple-y things now more than ever before, because he doesn’t get to see you as often anymore…

He won’t admit it most of the times, but he does. He totally wants to plan skype dates, send you surprise presents and make you picture collages with pictures of both of you.

7 Long distance boyfriend

8. He has a favourite photo of you on his phone, that he looks at, every time he misses you.

Seeing you makes him feel better, even if it’s just in a photograph.

9. Sometimes he may not have too much to say or anything new to tell, but he still wants to talk to you on the phone…

Because it makes him feel like you’re not so far away.

9 Long distance boyfriend

10. When he calls you up to ask you where you are? That is him being concerned about you, not suspicious of you.

Since he is not around, he may sometimes be concerned for your safety and well-being. So the next time he asks your whereabouts or who you are with, know that he is just looking out for you.

11. He hates fighting as much as you do...especially since you are far away.

Because he knows he cannot just make-up with you by giving you a warm hug!

11 Long distance boyfriend

12. Seeing couples walking hand in hand makes him wish he could hold yours.

And he tells himself that he will be able to do so soon…when the time comes and you both meet.

13. Sexting is always welcome!

Always. Anytime. All the time!

13 Long distance boyfriend

14. When it’s time to meet, he feels as excited as you do - if not more!

He counts the days too! And sometimes, even the hours.

15. He loves you…a lot, and he is not letting go.

He really really does. Go on… Give him a call now!

15 Long distance boyfriend

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