13 *Cool* Words EVERY Girl Should Know Before 2017 Begins!

13 *Cool* Words EVERY Girl Should Know Before 2017 Begins!
With words like AF and TBH flooding all of social media and becoming common in texts and WhatsApps, the new trend of using slangs is spreading far and wide. Whether you enjoy using these new-age acronyms or not, they’re here to stay! So you might as well learn a few and jump onboard! Here is a quick crash course…

1. ELI5 - Explain Like I’m 5

A slang used to ask for a simpler explanation for something complex. Basically, a dumbed down version of the concept or the story. Besides, it sounds so chic, almost like a secret code language!

In Use: ‘As interesting as your startup idea is, it seems a bit complex, so could you just ELI5!’

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2. POTD - Post Of The Day

Posting a picture on Instagram and Facebook has become a part of our daily routines. Besides, who’s got the time to type so much, right?

In Use: ‘You totally have to check out Simran’s POTD, it’ll make you go awww!’

3. TLDR - Too Long; Didn't Read

Too lazy to read a long text and even lazier to tell them? Voila, just use the abbreviation TLDR!

In Use: ‘I’ve received the email with your dissertation, but it’s TLDR…’

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4. FTW - For the Win

Usually used at the end of a sentence denoting a sense of sarcasm or enthusiasm.

In Use: ‘I don’t care what you guys say, chocolate brownies FTW!’

5. DKDC - Don’t Know, Don’t Care

DKDC is used to display an apathetic stance on something, generally used in response to a piece of gossip or information.

In Use: ‘Do you know your ex boyfriend is seeing the new girl in college?’ Your response? ‘DKDC!’

5 new age acronyms

6. ICYMI - In Case You Missed It

In the age of so much buzz, it’s natural to have the fear of missing out. Withing all social circles, this acronym is very popular in texting and conversation.

In Use: ‘ICYMI, Sameera’s birthday bash was like the best party eva!’

7. IDK - I Don’t Know

When you have no bloody idea about why the whole world is going all bonkers with these new age abbreviations, this is what you yell out!

In Use: ‘IDK how to cook a decent meal, how the hell will I ever survive living alone?’

7 new age acronyms

8. LMAO - Laugh My Ass Off

This is one of the most commonly used acronyms while texting and on social media, to express how hilariously funny you find something.

In Use: Seeing that video of her dressed as a frog at the Halloween party... LMAO!

9. LMK - Let Me Know

It’s just a simple way of asking someone to let you know about something. Nothing complicated, really!

In Use: ‘LMK if you’re up for drinks and dinner tonight?’

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10. DTF - Down To Fuck

‘Netflix and Chill’ is so last season, Down To Fuck, is the new acronym for a booty call.

In Use: ‘I’m home alone this weekend. You DTF?’

11. TTYS - Talk To You Soon

We all know of TTYL (talk to you later), but did you about this new variant, talk to you soon?

In Use: Babe, I’m going to reach your place in 10 minutes, TTYS?

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12. OMW - On My Way

This is as simple as it sounds. You can simply tell someone that you’re on your way, and it especially comes handy when you're texting from the car! (Don't text while driving though!)

In Use: ‘I’m OMW, I have your burgers and I'll reach in 10 minutes max!’

13. PO - Pissed Off

If you’re not familiar with any of these new age acronyms given above, then you’re likely to be a bit pissed off, oops, we mean PO, by now! PO is used to express one’s annoyance with a person or a situation.

In Use: I am so PO with my boyfriend right now, I can't even talk about it.

13 new age acronyms

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