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10 Solo Bridal Poses That’ll Look AMAZING In Your Wedding Album!

10 Solo Bridal Poses That’ll Look AMAZING In Your Wedding Album!

Bridal poses are no longer restricted to the eyes down, acting coy, controlled smiling kind. In fact, you should totally steer clear of the regular ones! After all, don’t you want a bridal portfolio that’s totally unique and one that you would want to show off to your friends over and over again?! To help you with this, we’ve got 10 solo bride poses for photoshoot by real brides themselves! And trust us, one look at these pictures and you’ll want to do just the same.
Bridal Pose 1. Get into that bathtub! 1 solo poses for the bride Image: Morvi Images on Instagram Omg! Just look at this picture. The bride looks straight out of a Hollywood movie, doesn't she?! If you’ve booked a room at the venue you’re getting married and it happens to have a tub, then girl, you’ve totally got to do this. If not, think on the same lines and maybe try sinking into the bed in a similar pose or a plush sofa chair would work too. This Indian bridal pose for photography is truly breathtaking. Bridal Pose 2. Jump up high! 2 solo poses for the bride Image: Weddingrams Happy brides are the prettiest and our real bride here just proves that with this exclusive bridal pose for photoshoot. Look at her all decked up in her wedding lehenga and jumping up high in the air. Obviously, she’s got her shoes on and you could totally do it wearing juttis. Don’t forget to flash your brightest smile ever! 

Bridal Pose 3. Get in the groove

3 solo poses for the bride Image: Retina Charmer Photography Won’t you just love yourself looking all stunning in your bridal avatar? Well, it’s time to show it in your pictures too! While we’ve seen a lot of pictures with brides looking into the mirror… This one just looks so much more real! Put on those sunnies and go with the coolest ever expression that comes to you naturally. 

Bridal Pose 4. When time stands still

4 solo poses for the bride Image: Morvi Images Absolutely mesmerizing… The bride, her candid expression and the bridal pose for photoshoot that never disappoints. If you want a natural image like the one above, then just start walking with your back to the photographer and turn ever so slightly when he/ she gives you the cue. Such a beautiful capture indeed.

Bridal Pose 5. Something sensual

5 solo poses for the bride Image: Rahul de Cunha Pictures on Instagram Hey bride-to-be, please pose like this, for us? Such a dreamy capture. We love how the focus is on the bride's beautiful eyes while she holds her net dupatta in front of her. Plus, the black and white filter just makes it look even more sensual. 

Bridal Pose 6. The all important twirl!

Image: Rahul De Cunha Pictures Because brides totally have to twirl in their lehenga. Such a fun, happy picture this is! Spread out those hands, flash that gorgeous smile and let the camera capture your excitement and of course, your stunning wedding lehenga. This is an indeed one of the most captivating Indian bridal pose for photography.

Bridal Pose 7. Celeb feels!

Image: Morvi Images With just a tiny bit of help from your besties, strike a pose that totally reflects your state of mind… You know, feeling almost like a celebrity! We love how fun and relatable this pose is. And if there’s one thing we can guarantee, it’s the fact that this is going to be your FB cover picture for a long time. 

Bridal Pose 8. Girl’s got swagger!

Image: WeddingNama Oh, just look at her posing like that! About time you too do away with the regular poses and take a lesson or two from this totally stylish bride! She’s like totally owning the photo with that pose and her attitude. This one, we say, you’ve got to try! 

Bridal Pose 9. The walk…

Image: Rahul De Cunha Pictures If you’ve got stairs anywhere at your shaadi venue, make sure you make good use of them. Get a picture clicked walking down the stairs and don’t forget to lift up your lehenga or gown ever so lightly so all those layers are visible. Trust us, it looks super pretty!

Bridal Pose 10. Chai time!

Image: Cupcake Productions There are just so many getting ready pictures that will be clicked. And one of the most compelling Indian bride poses for photography is the one with you sipping on your tonic… Be it chai or coffee! Even better if you can get yourself a personalized ‘Bride’ mug Featured Image: Cupcake Productions
Published on Dec 12, 2016
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