10 Ways To Reply To ‘I Love You’ If You Can’t Say It Back Yet

10 Ways To Reply To ‘I Love You’ If You Can’t Say It Back Yet
Hearing that someone loves you is always a lovely thing; especially when it's your partner! But you don't need to feel pressured to respond to it with the same three words - here are some adorable, and totally non-awkward, ways to respond to I love you if you aren't quite ready to say it back yet!

1. ‘You have made my life so much better - it feels awesome now that you are in it!’

Verbalize how important their presence in your life is to you!

2. ‘Spending time with you is the best part of my day!’

Let them know that time spent with them is the part of your day you look forward to!

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3. ‘You are so special to me, I really care about you.’

Just because you aren't ready to make the same declaration doesn't mean you don't deeply care for your partner.

4. ‘I think I could be in love with you too... One day, very soon!’

It's hopeful, it's cute, it's honest and it's playful!

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5. ‘I am in like with you!’

Yes, it might sound silly but this is a big milestone as well - and it deserves to be marked!

6. ‘I love where this is going, I can really see something real with you.’

Reassure them that the connection you two have is more than a casual relationship!

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7. ‘I'm falling for you.’

Let them know the process has begun! And we think this can say volumes more than the three classic words, anyway.

8. ‘I feel like I can be myself around you.’

Tell them that they bring out a side of you that not many others are privy to!

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9. ‘Something is going on in my heart and I haven't found the words to say it yet…’

Be honest! There's nothing like the truth to melt someone's heart!

10. ‘Kiss me!’

Because sometimes…you don't need words at all!

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