#BeautyDiaries: I Got A Bikini Wax For The First Time And...

#BeautyDiaries: I Got A Bikini Wax For The First Time And...
Isn’t the thought of waxing those lady parts pretty nerve-racking for all of us? But for me, it was more than that. I think my threshold for pain has always been pretty low and anticipating those monthly waxing sessions would fill me with dread for a whole week before the appointment. Naturally, even considering a full bikini wax was something that pretty much topped the list of things I was scared to death of.

I avoided it for years, and instead, resorted to shaving and trimming when it came to grooming the hedges. It was a process that I hated though. Bringing a razor in such close contact with your most sensitive parts is never a fun event. Plus, who likes a prickly stubble down there? Your boyfriend definitely doesn’t! Not to mention, shaving and that poke-y stubble can make it uncomfortably itchy down there. Trust me, I would know!

So I somehow managed to remain a bikini wax virgin till the ripe old age of 27. My friends had been going on for years about how smooth, and amazing they felt after waxing all their pubic hair off and how much cleaner it was during their period. All their talk had definitely tempted me to try it out, but I could never go through with it. Even my boyfriend had subtly suggested that I try it. But the thought of all that pain caused by ripping off the hair on your vagina was just too much for me to handle. Plus, being the shy introvert that I am, I would cringe at the thought of being naked in front of a stranger.

first bikini wax

All that changed one day, though. I had recently switched parlours for my waxing and that’s where I met Geeta. She had been waxing my arms and legs for a few months now and I couldn’t think of going to anyone else. She’d often ask me why I didn’t get my bikini area waxed, and when I’d tell her why, she’d promise me it wouldn’t be as bad as I thought and that I’d feel amazing afterwards. I would always say yes but chicken out at the last moment. Till one day, she said she was just going to make me do it, she knew I really wanted to and that I just had to overcome my fear. She promised to be gentle and somehow coaxed me to try it. So my first bikini wax was a spontaneous decision.

I’m not going to lie, it hurt like HELL! Geeta was as gentle as she had promised she would be, but there’s only so much you can do to prevent pain when there’s hot wax being stripped off your clit! Thankfully, it was over pretty fast - even though it felt like hours, the whole process lasted barely 10 minutes. You can’t imagine how relieved I was when it was over. The feeling was pretty euphoric. Some people climb mountains to overcome their fears, I got my bikini area waxed!

Everything people had said was all true. It felt super smooth and I felt sexier than ever before! In spite of the pain, I was super glad I had finally gone through with it. Periods felt less hasslesome somehow, I didn’t have to worry about any hair sticking out of my costume when I went swimming and it made me more confident in bed. Who knew waxing my bikini area would do all this!

I’ve now been doing it for a few months now and I’m happy to report that the pain does get better after the first couple of sessions. Yes, I still dread that appointment but I’ve realised being regular with it (once a month, without fail) and reading a magazine or listening to music while your waxing waali gets to work, really does help you relax and get through the ordeal better. Just find a waxing lady you trust and go for it. I don’t know why I waited so long, but now, I definitely won’t go back to shaving.

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