10 Ways To Make Your First Anniversary Even More Special!

10 Ways To Make Your First Anniversary Even More Special!
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As you prep and plan for your first wedding anniversary, you must make sure that this special day is celebrated in the best possible way. After all, you’ll both be completing 12 full months of a happy married life. So, to make things just a little bit easier for you, here are 10 ways you can surprise him and make your anniversary truly memorable.

1. A staycation!

If you’re both caught up in a tight work schedule and are not able to take a vacation, a staycation is all you need - especially if you don't live by yourself! Wake him up with a note next to his pillow that reads, ‘Pack a pair of clothes and get ready as a surprise awaits you!’ Book a quaint little property around your house and spend this special day relaxing and unwinding in each other’s company.

1 first wedding anniversary

2. What about a treasure hunt?!

All you have to do is buy him a gift... But it’s a treasure hunt that’ll lead him to it! You can go as crazy or as wild as you wish! A hunt that takes him through the house or one that takes him to all the places special for the two of you. And ooh, if you want to spice it up a little, the last clue could be hidden somewhere deep within the layers of clothes on your body. Sounds exciting, huh?

3. A strip show!

Now that you’ve been together for a year, we’re sure you share a great comfort level. But we’re also guessing that you’ve never really gone out of the way and performed a strip tease for him! Well, this is your chance to do it. Set the mood right with dim lights, scented candles and some wine. Then get into your sexiest lingerie with a couple of layers over it. A sweet, seductive soundtrack and some sensual moves will lead to a night that he’ll never, ever forget!

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4. A private movie screening

Are you two major movie buffs? If yes, then this is one surprise that is sure to leave him speechless. Tell him that you’ve booked movie tickets for the evening show and it’s only once you’re both seated will he realize that it’s just you and him in the entire theatre. So romantic, right? If you want to go one step further, why not start the show with a sweet pre-recorded message for him? And trust us, neither is this overly expensive or impossible. Most theatres are open to private screenings, though the charges may vary.

5. Bring out your crazy

Add some adventure and thrill to this special day of yours. Book yourselves tickets to a flyboy adventure or a hot air balloon ride. And be absolutely shush about this plan till the very end... Let him reach the venue to find out what exactly is going on! Follow it up with a hearty breakfast and some candid conversation. Click here for more deets about hot air balloon rides in India.

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6. Dinner & drinks

If you’d like to keep it simple yet romantic, nothing beats a candlelit dinner. Book a fancy restaurant or one that you two went to, for your first date. Ask them to give you a table away from the crowd and make arrangements for a guitarist (most fancy restaurants have this option). A cake with a ‘Happy Anniversary, Hubby’ message can greet you at the table. Trust us, he’ll love you for taking that extra effort to make this day so memorable.

7. A post-wedding photoshoot

How about including a romantic couple photo shoot in your schedule?! How much fun that would be! Book a photographer (could be your wedding photographer), pick a location and get some candid shots clicked. If you’re getting him a gift, make sure you present it during the shoot so his expression can be captured!

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8. Write him a love letter

Sometimes you don’t really have to go all out to show your love. A heartfelt letter is all it takes to let your man know just how special he is to you. Give him this sweet surprise first thing in the morning. Leave the letter on his bedside and watch his expression as he reads each one of your words with full attention. We swear he’ll be really touched.

9. A road trip!

If in the last one year you both haven’t found the time to take a road trip, it’s now time to finally go ahead with one. Plan for a destination around 4 - 5 hours from your city and either book a cab or just go ahead and drive him yourself! A road trip is a great way to spend time together, have some fun and bond on a different level altogether.

9 first wedding anniversary

10. Dreamy decor

Wouldn’t it be just nice if he entered your house, to find it beautifully decorated with flowers or balloons and all your first-year pictures up on the walls? Set up the table with scented candles,  a bottle of wine and a celebratory cake. Put on some light romantic music in the background and get ready for the lovely evening ahead.

Have a great time, ladies!



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