13 ‘So-Darn-True’ Thoughts A Girl Has During A Rishta Meeting!

13 ‘So-Darn-True’ Thoughts A Girl Has During A Rishta Meeting!
Imagine your parents setting you up on a date with a boy and then coming along with you for it! Awkward, right? Well, that’s kinda how many rishta meetings work. If your parents are busy trying to set you up too, be prepared, for here are 13 things that go through every girl’s mind during a rishta meeting.

1. ‘How bad can it be? After all, he does pass my checklist.’

‘He’s decent looking, has had a good education and earns well. Even his FB profile looks quite normal. Let’s see what he is like in person, then.’

2. ‘Why do I have to wear a saree and act like a demure girl, though?’

‘Will everyone stop trying to present me as the ideal bahu to the boy’s party? It’s so annoying!’

3. ‘I hope no one asks me, “Khaane mein kya kya banana aataa hai…’

‘...Because I am not marrying into anyone’s family to cook them three fancy meals, every day, for the rest of my days. These redundant questions won’t draw a yes to the rishta from me, for sure.’

3 during a rishta meeting - deepika chennai express

4. ‘So here we are…and it’s awkward.’

Am I the only one who thinks this is awkward? Is he feeling awkward too?

5. ‘Okay. What intelligent questions am I supposed to ask him that will help me decide?’

‘Do I ask him about his hobbies? His dreams? His past relationships? His take on feminism? Where do I start?’

6. ‘Looks like he regularly works out at the gym, though.’

‘Hmm…I see some muscles there. Nice work.’

6 during a rishta meeting - vidya balan

7. ‘Oh, he’s looking at me. What is he thinking?’

‘Can’t believe that I may potentially be sharing my entire life with this man, sitting right here. Oh my God!’

8. ‘And now it’s his mum’s turn. Why is she smiling at me like that?’

‘Is everybody sitting in this room taking turns at judging whether I fit the role of their bahu or not?’

9. ‘To eat or not to eat?’

‘What the hell?! I am going to eat. Not gonna miss that chaat for anything.’

9 during a rishta meeting - jeniffer aniston

10. ‘I should really speak up about my career plans now.’

‘After all, the boy’s party needs to know what plans I have for myself, and if they are somewhat in sync with their plans for their daughter-in-law too.’

11. ‘What if I decline the rishta and do the unimaginable? What if I say no?’

‘Getting out of this situation seems more awkward than getting in it was. Uff!’

12. ‘Am I really supposed to say yes to this rishta tonight, though? In one single meeting?!’

‘This is unreal. Didn’t this stuff only happen in soppy Bollywood movies?’

12 during a rishta meeting - kareena jab we met

13. ‘Can we go home now?’

‘I want my bed and my bestie to process this meeting, folks. Let’s call it a day, shall we?’

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