10 *Genius* Tips To Look Ahh-mazing In Your Wedding Photos!

10 *Genius* Tips To Look Ahh-mazing In Your Wedding Photos!
You’ve spent months looking for your dream lehenga and your excitement to get your hair and makeup professionally done is beyond words. Pictures are all that you’ll have to relive that day once again. But guess what, even despite the best of everything, you could end up with photos that are umm...not exactly as gorgeous as you expected. And that’s got a lot to do with you as much as the photographer. Here are a few tips to get the most amazing wedding photos ever to help cherish those special moments for the rest of your life.

1. Acing the arm

It’s a common fact that your arms look bigger if pressed against your body. Always keep your arms away from the body and avoid resting them on anything. The popular hand on waist pose is famous for a reason. It just gives a nice and curvy silhouette to your body and looks stylish too! Angle your body a little and keep your hands on the waist. There, you have an awesome picture!

2. Tummy trouble

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While it’s not a problem when you’re standing, your tummy does tend to bulge out a little bit when sitting. Don’t worry it happens to everyone! If you’re posing for pictures sitting at the stage or mandap, be sure to put your dupatta to good use. Delicately cover your tummy with the dupatta and do not slouch. Sit straight to look taller and fight the bulge.

3. Lehenga diaries

You spent days and thousands of rupees on that one outfit. Now it’s time to show it off! Whether you’re standing or sitting, always adjust your lehenga just before getting a picture clicked. Ask a friend to flare it up from the bottom edges. You should even spread it around when you’re sitting at the stage. It makes a whole lot of difference in the pictures. You’ll be so glad when you see your photos!

4. The chin tilt

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Ladies, remember never ever tilt your chin downwards during a picture. It gives the illusion of a double chin and also hides your neck. Lift up your head, push your face forward and tilt your head slightly for extremely flattering images. Always follow these key rules to make your neck look slender.  

5. Work on the body language

Yeah, we know you’re tired and the heavy outfits and jewellery may weigh you down further. But pictures girl, you don’t wanna mess them up! Slouchy shoulders or a bent back are a big no no. Ease out your shoulders so they don’t look tensed. Keep your back straight, pull in your stomach just a wee bit and flash those pearly whites for a perfect bridal portrait.

6. The natural light

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Pictures always come out prettier in natural lighting. And dusk by far is a great time to get clicked. The light during this hour is really flattering and instead of casting shadows it lights up the area under your eyes.

7. Open up your eyes

The harsh lights at the venue and the camera flashes could be too much for your eyes to handle. As a result, you could end up with half-closed eyes in photographs. The trick is to close your eyes for a few seconds before the photographer clicks. For an afternoon outdoor shoot, look directly at the sun, shut your eyes and open them in a few seconds. The harsh sun rays won’t bother your eyes for the next click.

8. The celeb pose

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Twist your waist and turn one shoulder towards the camera and the other one away from it. Trust us, this red carpet pose will make you look slender and flatter every body type.

9. Crack a joke!

A forced smile… Naah! A natural smile or a nice big laugh is guaranteed to get you gorgeous bridal images. Have your besties or groom help you out with this?!

10. Makeup does the trick

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While it’s best left to the professionals, it would be a good idea to get a makeup trial done before the D-day. Try clicking your pictures under various lights using a good quality camera to make sure you don’t look washed out or too shiny.

Happy clicking!

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