29 Hilarious Thoughts Girls Have While Getting Ready For A Date

29 Hilarious Thoughts Girls Have While Getting Ready For A Date
Getting ready for a date is not as easy as it sounds… Seriously boys, keep the dates coming but you have NO idea what we go through while preparing for them! The shoes, the makeup, the hair - the outfit!! Well, it's basically like pulling off the makeover of the century while pretending that you secretly look like that all the time... *Hides bunny eared pyjamas and retainer* Read on for the crazy thoughts every girl has while getting ready for a date.

1. OMG!! I need to go shopping.

2. What am I going to wear?

3. It's not fair, why do the Date Gods do this to me?

4. Why couldn't he ask me out 3 months ago, I had the perfect summer dress.

5. Shoes, it's all about the shoes...

5 getting ready for a date

6. And the hair, though!

7. Really though, make up needs to play its part too.

8. Okay, Eyebrows DON'T you dare let me down tonight.

9. *Going through the closet* Wrong, wrong, lame, ugly, aww, cute! I should try this... Yuck, what was I thinking? Ugh!

10. *Calls sister into room and gives her discarded clothes* Here, consider it an early birthday present.

10 getting ready for a date

11. *FaceTime-ing BFF* Okay, so I'm just going to show you like, five outfits and you decide, okay?

12. *14 outfits later, in a puddle of own sweat and tears* My life is meaningless, hopeless, a complete and utter tragedy.

13. *BFF knocks on door* My saviour is hereee! Let's go shopping!

14. There is NO time to try so many things on. I'll just buy it all, try them at home and return the rest tomorrow!

15. OMG, I have only 2 hours left?! Where did the time go?!

15 getting ready for a date

16. I need to shower - but also need to wax my upper lip.

17. The parlour is closed. That's it. My life is over. I'm going to text him and cancel.

18. Okay, no. I'm an independant woman, who doesn't need a parlour. Where are the damn tweezers?!

19. Ouch, ouch, ouch… OUCH!

20. Okay, shower time. Going to wash my hair, shave my legs, exfoliate and moisturize.

20 getting ready for a date

21. *45 minutes left* Okay, it's go time. This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill.

22. *Tries on all new clothes* These suck! Ughhhh, fashion failed me once again.

23. *Finds the good old LBD in the rejected pile* PERFECT!!

24. Should I straighten my hair or curl it? Let me see my old pictures to find out what suits me better these days… DEFINITELY straight.

25. Mascara, if you smudge tonight - we're through.

25 getting ready for a date

26. Shoes... Okay, do we want strappy heels or chunky platforms? Wait, how tall is he again?

27. Ready! I am a Goddess ready to steal the hearts of a million souls.

28. *Takes 84 selfies*

29. Oh, he's here! I'm totally gonna say ‘I got ready in 10 mins!’ *Wink*

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