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31 Thoughts EVERY Groom Has On His Wedding Night!

31 Thoughts EVERY Groom Has On His Wedding Night!

Did you honestly think that you were the only one to have these crazy thoughts and sleepless nights about your wedding night?! Girls, men are just as anxious! Especially if it’s an arranged marriage. They too have these random thoughts… Some weird, some confused, some romantic and some, well, inappropriately naughty too! So here’s your chance to get into their minds and find out what really goes on inside their head…on the first night in an arranged marriage!
1. Okay, we’re FINALLY alone! YAYYY!! 1 wedding night 2. Uh-oh, we’re alone… Now what?! 3. Am I supposed to do something? 4. What am I supposed to say to her? 5. OMG… She’s my wife. I have a wife. MY wife! 5 wedding night 6. And she’s so pretty. How lucky am I?! 7. Thank god there's no haldi wala milk like in movies! 8. Wait… Is she taking out the pins from her dupatta? 9. Is she undressing? Is that a sign? 10. In front of me!!! *Happy dance* 10 wedding night (1) 11. Sex, sex, sex! 12. Wait. Should I be helping her? But what if she doesn’t like it? 13. I should actually. Isn’t that what good husbands do? 14. Okay, so I actually did help her unpin. Wow, those things are poke-y. 15. Man, she smells so good! 15 wedding night 16. Sex, sex, sex? 17. Oooh, I can’t wait for her to change into her nightwear. 18. Uh, do I smell fine? Does my breath smell of alcohol? 19. Oh, shit! Do I even have a condom? Must find the condom. Just in case. 20. Oh f*ck, she’s all changed up and looking beautiful and angelic and wowww! 20 wedding night 21. And now we’re side by side on the bed and… What now? 22. Omg, I can’t think straight. 23. Okay, I am just going to slide over and hug her 24. Sex, sex, sex! Oh, shut up, brain. 25. What if she does not want to have sex? Do I ask her straight out? 25 wedding night 26. Hmm… Is it too soon? We hardly know each other. 27. Oh God! How am I going to face her parents tomorrow?! 28. Okay… Just f*ck this shit. I am going to just ask her. That's what good husbands do. 29. Oooh… Looks like she's interested too! 30. Okay, I'm going to be one lucky man tonight! 30 wedding night 31. AND for the rest of my life, of course. See, they’re not all that sorted themselves, ladies!
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Published on Nov 30, 2016
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