15 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You Have Strict Parents!

15 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You Have Strict Parents!
Growing up with strict parents is a whole different experience. It’s an everyday struggle, but you know for a fact that they are strict only because they love you and they’re eventually right... Well, most of the times anyway. Here are 15 things EVERY girl who has strict parents will get!

1. When your parents ask you to be home by dot 8 pm, they MEAN it!

Yep, you’re usually the one to leave the party early, sometimes even before the party starts and still get judgy eyes when you enter the house.

2. While most of your friends don’t follow a curfew, you instantly know it’s time to head home when you see ‘mom calling’ flashing on your phone.

And if your phone is dead, you probably are going to be the same pretty soon.

2 strict parents

3. When your friends ask you to get out at night or for a trip, you instinctively say that your parents said no.

Because you know they’d never send you out at that time anyway. Hence, why bother asking for permission?

4. You avoid introducing your guy friends to your parents, because you know they’ll suspect that you’re dating one of them.

Nope, nope, nope! Can't deal with that drama.

4 strict parents

5. That awkward moment when your parents ask you why you’re on your phone in the middle of the night.

What they actually mean is, ‘WHO are you texting so late?’

6. You’re expected to start your day early in the morning and have your room look spic and span at all times!

Because they’re firm believers of ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise!’

6 strict parents

7. You have warned your boyfriend and friends to never call up on the landline.

Unless they want to answer a zillion questions and get you grounded by your parents as a result of some of the answers.

8. If your skirt was too short, you were asked to change into a longer one.

A slight glimpse of cleavage and your mom would ask you to put on a jacket or hand you a scarf. And the list goes on! Jeans and a basic T-shirt was your safest bet.

8 strict parents

9. No matter where you go and what timezone you're in, you must call up your parents and tell them that you’ve reached home safely.

And, if you're away from them, one phone call a day is a must! And two is always better.

10. When you try to tell them a funny joke and they don’t get it!

And you land up getting a long lecture about something completely different in return. *Surprise!*

10 strict parents

11. You can never argue with your parents. They’re ALWAYS right.

And if you do, you better start making your bed outside the house - it’s going to be a long night.

12. They’ve met all your friends and also know ALL their names by heart!

They’ve also somehow managed to become friends with their parents too - because how else will they check up on you?

12 strict parents

13. They will never let you stay home ALONE!

Your aunts, grandparents, cousins, were always around to babysit. EVEN if you're in your 20s by now.

14. At one point of time, you’ve even saved all your guy friend’s numbers as girls on your phone.

Especially if it’s your boyfriend’s number! Because that's rule No. 1 in your house - NO boyfriends. For LIFE!

14 strict parents

15. When you go out with your girls for shopping and you have to hide that new mini skirt in your bag because your mother won’t approve of it.

And you know that the day she spots it in the laundry, you’re never getting out of the house ever again!

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