11 Tiny Things You Can Do For Him... That Say ‘I Love You’!

11 Tiny Things You Can Do For Him... That Say ‘I Love You’!
Whether or not you are in a relationship, hearing the three magic words ‘I love you’ surely makes your heart skip a beat, right? But words are not necessarily required to convey love. Small actions can say ‘I love you’ better than words can in any language. So here are 11 things you do, that say ‘I love you’...

1. Sitting quietly beside him while holding his hand, when he is really upset.

You may not necessarily be able to solve his problem but you being there by his side gives him the strength he needs to overcome the hurdle.

1 say I love you better than words

2. Giving him a kiss on his forehead...

There is something about being kissed on the forehead that makes it so special and beautiful. It shows you care, and that you’re there for him.

3. Sending him comfort food when he is sick.

Doesn’t really matter if you send a chocolate or a sandwich. He knows you are thinking of him and that brightens up his day just enough to make him feel a bit better.

3 say I love you better than words

4. Laughing at his not-so-funny jokes...

Because between the two of you, it’s never really about how hilarious the joke is. The point is, you find him funny and that's why you laugh at his every joke!

5. Leaving him lil’ sticky notes around...just because!

It just lifts his spirits and puts a big smile on his face to find a little note that says, ‘Have a nice day, love’ in his shirt pocket or wallet.

5 say I love you better than words

6. Making time for him in the midst of a busy day, even if it’s just five minutes.

It shows him that you love him enough to have made some time for him on a day when you barely have time for your own self.

7. Giving him his space, when there’s too much going on with him.

Giving him space does not equal leaving him alone in the midst of a crisis. When you let him be for a while, it lets him know that you respect his emotions and that you are always just a phone call away.

7 say I love you better than words

8. Sending him random texts during the day, just to tell him that you are thinking of him.

He may not admit it but for those few seconds when he is reading your text, your man becomes a puddle of mush!

9. Remembering little things about him…

His favourite football team, the ice-cream flavour he loves, the pizza he likes the best and his lucky shirt. A lot of people remember the bigger aspects of his life but he knows you love him to bits because you know him down to the smaller details of his life.

9 say I love you better than words

10. Listening to him patiently when he wants to vent or rant, even if it does not seem the most practical thing to do.

Even he knows that ranting is not going to solve the problem but sometimes he just needs to do so anyway. So when you put your hands under your chin and listen to him vent, he knows that you may want to do other things but you choose to sit here with him and see him through this phase. He knows that he has found true love!

11. Giving him a tight hug at the end of the day...

Because a hug makes everything better. However bad or hectic a day he has had, your tight hug always works its magic in making him feel all the love you have for him in your heart!

11 say I love you better than words

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