11 Things About You Only Your Bestie Understands! *Heart*

11 Things About You Only Your Bestie Understands! *Heart*
You and your BFF are soulmates. From literally ROFLing together for hours to crying over heartbreaks, you have seen each other through everything! You know each other’s quirks and have seen the wackiest, craziest sides of each other. The world may not get you, but you get the world perfectly! There’s something about this bond because there are a few things in life only best friends understand. Here are some of them...

1. Your secret codes during conversations…

Weird noises, facial expressions and the variety of different types of eye-rolls!

1 best friends understand

2. Your pre-PMS, PMS and post-PMS mood swings...

And she knows how to deal with all of them like a boss!

3. Your need to rant! About your boss, your life, your boyfriend…

Your job, the new movie you hated, your neighbour’s uncle’s son’s pet dog… Basically, anything!

3 best friends understand

4. Your extremely energetic stage performance on your bed, in your PJs, holding a hairbrush for a mike.

And yes, she is going to be cheering you too… Whistles and all.

5. Your need to talk about your crush all day, every day!

And she oohs and aahs and says ‘that idiot’ at all the right places.

5 best friends understand

6. The secret code names you have given to people so that you can talk about them in public without them knowing it!

And she knows that both of you are under the oath to never ever reveal them to ANYONE!

7. Your need to buy 12 different lip colours when you only intend to use 1.

Because 2 were really pretty and 3 went perfectly with the 3 new dresses you were planning to buy and rest were just in case the cosmetic companies went on strike or something! *LOL*

7 best friends understand

8. Your inability to go to a party because you don’t want to shave the foliage on your arms and legs!

And that’s a perfectly legit excuse by the way! Pizza? Pizza.

9. What you mean when you say ‘I will be there in 5 minutes!’

...5 x 10 + 5 = 55 minutes. And that works both ways. *High five*

9 best friends understand

10. Your need to occasionally cut off from the rest of the world.

Obviously, she is not included in ‘the rest of the world’.

11. Come what may, you will always stand by her side and love her forever!

And so will she. *Heart*

11 best friends understand

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