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10 Things He Wants To Ask You On The First Date… But Doesn’t!

10 Things He Wants To Ask You On The First Date… But Doesn’t!

There is a certain etiquette we all follow on first dates, don’t we? There are some unsaid rules and once you break them, the first impression can really go for a toss. How to dress, what to talk about, what to ask, what not to ask – there are a number of points to keep in mind on the all-important first date. And ladies, just to make a few things clear to you, here are some things guys want to ask on the first date, but won’t. Whether you want to spill the beans anyway – that’s entirely your call. Read on.

1. ‘How often do you do these "first dates"?’

‘Coz I ain’t a pro at this! Do I need to up my game?
1 things guys want to ask

2. ‘How many relationships have you been in?’

A bit of a background check never harmed anyone.

3. ‘On that note, what were they like? And do you have any crazy traits?!’

Because in most cases, it’s a matter of a few months and the happy honeymoon phase can go for a toss.

4. ‘Do you have any "hot" friends? I have guy friends who are single.’

That’s just me being selfless and looking out for my bros! 4 things guys want to ask

5. ‘Are we kissing after this date?’

That’s how it happens in the movies and then they eventually end up together!

6. ‘Are we doing this seriously, or is this just a hooking up sort of situation?’

I don’t want to come on too strong, if it’s just a roll in the hay that you’re looking for #PlayingItSafe

7. ‘How long ago did you break up with your last boyfriend?’

Is this a rebound kinda situation? 7 things guys want to ask

8. ‘Tell me what your sex drive is like?’

I know this is not a first date question, but let’s face it, that sort of chemistry is important!

9. ‘What made you go out with me?’

I know I’m awesome, but no, really - what impressed you about me? I too want to feel good about myself!

10. ‘Talking about being impressive, did I make a good first impression?’

Please say ‘yes’?! 10 things guys want to ask GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Nov 12, 2016
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