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11 Things We Wish Our Future Husbands Would Do For Us!

11 Things We Wish Our Future Husbands Would Do For Us!
Every girl on this planet is starry eyed about her future husband and dreams about her happily ever after with him. We want someone who will go the extra mile to put a smile on our faces. We aren’t talking about crazy romantic gestures like tickets to Paris (although we would never say no to that!) but small everyday things that make us feel super special. We are dying to find a man who will put any romantic movie to shame with his own thoughtfulness. Here is a small list of things we truly hope that our future husband does for us!

1. Cute texts

Nothing will make us feel happier than to randomly receive a text from our future husband saying,“Hi beautiful” or “I miss you” while he is away. Sweet texts like these are enough to melt our hearts and make our day :) romantic surprises (3)

2. Plan a surprise date night

Date nights will probably be our absolute favourite thing. Just the thought of it is super dreamy. The whole idea of dressing up and going somewhere special, just the two of us is amazing. Or we could hop in the car and go on a long drive and play our favourite songs. romantic surprises 2 fin

3. Breakfast in bed

Imagine waking up to a lovely breakfast made especially for you by your husband. However burnt the eggs might be, just the thought of someone making an effort to cook for us is so cute. And the cherry on top would be cuddling under a blanket and eating it together. What bliss! romantic surprises (1)

4. Damage control

Well, to err is human. Right? And usually in a relationship boys are more likely to goof up than us girls. Because we are kind of perfect right? So guys this video from Max Fashion is in your best interest. It tells you exactly how to make up for your mistakes. Just take us shopping! Because money may not be able you buy you happiness, but it most definitely will buy you our forgiveness, which is pretty much the same thing ;)
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5. Gossip buddy

It’s not like we live to gossip, but who doesn’t enjoy a juicy gossip session. We would love it if our spouse could at least pretend to be interested. He would just have to nod along as we prattle on. Basically all he needs to do is agree (wholeheartedly) with our opinions on any topic. This is also the secret to a happy marriage :) romantic surprises (7)

6. A pet, please!

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. We don’t disagree, because we can never have enough bling. But a pet dog or cat as a birthday present would be equally appreciated! A tiny little puppy with big floppy ears is reason enough to love our future husband even more. romantic surprises

7. Weekend getaways

Somebody who makes the effort to add a dash of fun to our marriage by planning a spontaneous weekend getaway - is our dream husband! While we would love to cuddle up on the couch and spend time glued to the TV. We would also like to take short vacays and have a mini adventure. Travelling is a great way to take a break and have some fun! romantic surprises (9)

8. Our very own cheerleader

You know what is sexy in a man? His ability to celebrate his wife’s work achievements like his own. A future husband who respects our work and is happy to see us succeed is all that we ask for. Somebody who pitches in at home and doesn’t expect us to do it all alone, is everyone’s dream man. romantic surprises (2)

9. Salsa classes ;)

Dancing is magical and we would love to sign up for a class where we both get to shake a leg. Or if you are born with two left feet we could sign up for a pottery class or join a gym - just so long as we do it together. The fact that you would take out the time to do things with us would mean the world to us. romantic surprises (8)

10. Post-it love story

We would absolutely love receiving handwritten notes from our significant others. We are not asking for long love stories but small gestures that let us know that you care. Imagine walking into the kitchen and seeing a post-it on the fridge with a tiny heart on it *AWWW* romantic surprises (4)

11. Chocolate boy

Our dream husband better spoil us with tons of chocolates and always have ice cream stocked in the fridge. Especially on days when we are feeling really bummed out and need the sugar to help us get through the day. OMG, if he baked us a cake he would totally steal our hearts, actually we wouldn’t mind the store bought kind either - we are pretty low maintenance like that ;) romantic surprises (5) GIFs: Giphy *This is a sponsored post for MAX