13 Non-Sexual Things About Guys That Are Just SO Sexy!

13 Non-Sexual Things About Guys That Are Just SO Sexy!
Some things men do are actually a lot sexier than they think. These can be a few things he does, or stuff he wears or they may just even be a part of their charismatic charm and personality! They can be anything! Here are 13 non-sexual things that are hot about men, according to women!

1. When he passionately talks about something he loves

Don’t you feel like just sitting there and staring at him in awe?! He’s there being vocal about what he loves and putting his feelings out there. And all you want to do is give him a big kiss!

1 things that are hot about men

2. When he pulls up his arms and puts them behind his head

Yes, there’s just something so sexy about the way he stretches and relaxes. Be it in the park when he’s warming up or after a long day at work...

3. When he makes you a cocktail

Like that time he got excited and told you, ‘Hey, I tasted a new cocktail, and I'm totally making it for you this weekend’. There’s something so sexy about him that you just can’t resist!

3 things that are hot about men

4. When he gives you a massage after a long tiring day...just because!

You wore heels to work and have a sore, aching ankle? Well, he’ll understand and just give you that rejuvenating foot massage to wade all your pains away!

5. When he runs his fingers through his hair

Guys always have such soft hair! Don’t you agree? And when he just ruffles his hair between his fingers to adjust his hair, you’re just there staring at him like… Why SO sexy? Why?

5 things that are hot about men

6. When he wears your favourite cologne

Yes, when he wears that really great, strong yet subtle fragrance you love. You can smell it on all his shirts, or when he leaves the car or the lift before you! The aroma that lingers… Just so erotic!

7. When he brings you the best-cooked breakfast in bed!

It’s 10 am, you’re still snuggling in your blanket when he wakes you up with hot coffee, pancakes and kisses! How sexy is that?!
7 things that are hot about men (1)

8. When he’s supportive of women’s rights even more than you are

When he gets all angry seeing all the violence against women, the double standards and gets protective when a guy stares at you in a weird way…

9. When he helps you clean up after a crazy party

And he even offers to do ALL the dishes by himself… What can be sexier?!

9 things that are hot about men

10. When he stops the car to let pedestrians pass by

We’re all in a hurry, but when he sees a passerby anxiously waiting for a car to stop and let them cross the road, he actually stops! He's too good to be true, ladies!

11. When he lets you have the last piece of pizza

It’s PIZZA! And if he lets you have the last piece, he definitely loves you and that just makes you want to kiss him...all over his face!

11 things that are hot about men

12. When he plays along with the kids in the park

You know when you're on one of your evening walks, a ball rolls down and the children ask him to throw it back to them? Instead of just giving it back, he actually plays an over of cricket with them. It’s just amazing to see him be so spontaneous and hot!

13. When he’s checking that sexy AF wrist watch!

C’mon, you know you can’t deny this! He wearing that brown leather strap watch with that big round dial paired with your favourite white shirt... Just seeing him like that gets you thinking dirty things!

16 things that are hot about men

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