#MyStory: He Loved Me... But Decided To Marry Someone Else

#MyStory: He Loved Me... But Decided To Marry Someone Else
I knew him since forever. Our moms were good friends and colleagues so we’d been friends for the longest time. I was going for a night out dancing with a bunch of friends and thought of inviting him as well. He came over, we danced, had a lot of fun and that’s when our love story began.

We started Whatsapping each other very often. It was a good feeling...talking (flirting) with him, especially because he was so much fun and we gelled so well together. After a few days, he asked me out for a date. I agreed, and decided on a quaint cafe for our first date...which was perfect. We chatted for hours and discussed every aspect of our lives. I knew this would be the first of our many precious moments together, and honestly, I was quite excited.

In a few days, our Whatsapp chats turned into long calls and we were totally into each other. I thought that this would be perfect since our parents already know each other. My mom really liked him, and I thought his mom was also very fond of me. Every time I met her, she told me that she wished she had a daughter like me. But in some days things began to change. We both were crazily in love but his mom started having issues with us meeting and talking. This really messed with my mind, especially because I was under the impression that she liked me.

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One day when we met, he told me that his mom’s been fighting and arguing with him way too much over our growing friendship. I thought it’s just a phase and she’s having troubles accepting the fact that we were somehow getting closer. But all my myths got busted when he actually confessed that his mother was judging my character. Given the fact that my mom and his mom were good friends, she was using things, my mother shared with her, against me. Things like my ex-boyfriend and my trip with my friends to Rishikesh (a risky place to go to in her opinion) were bothering her.

I was shocked to know all this. These were the things that happened almost 5 years back and I was a grown up adult now. I felt really offended knowing that she held a grudge against me for my past. He and I started having fights over where our relationship was going to go since his mom was behaving so weirdly. He also agreed that she was being unreasonable, but being the only son he did not want to go against her. We thought, with time things would change... So we continued dating and started keeping our meetings a secret. Time and again he tried to convince his mom but it just got worse.

Internal let go of the love of my life

However, we were still crazily in love and nothing changed our bond. I still remember the way we used to kiss...it was perfect! And how I had butterflies in my stomach every time he smiled at me. Little did I know that all this happiness was going to be short-lived.

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One fine day his mother emotionally blackmailed him and asked him to see a girl for marriage and he fell for the trick. He went to meet the girl and assured me that he would obviously say no once he’s back home. The next day my mom came back from work and told me how his mom asked me to stay away from him since now he had finally agreed to get married. My heart was broken into million pieces and I had no clue what I was going to do about all this mess. When I cross questioned him, he said he had no reason to say no to her. This made things clear... He had given up on me and I had to accept it. I had to let go of the love of my life.

That’s when I felt, sometimes love is not enough. Sometimes you need to have everything on your side to make it all work and sometimes you just have to let go of the love of your life because they leave you with no choice at all. For me, he was a lot more than just the love of my life and I do not know when I will get over him. But what I do know is that I have to move on.

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