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11 Super Cute Ways To Make Your Long Distance Boyfriend Smile!

11 Super Cute Ways To Make Your Long Distance Boyfriend Smile!
If you are in a long distance relationship we're sure you know they can be kinda crazy at times. With the distance, the lack of time and tight schedules, it can get difficult to juggle the various things in life. So amidst all this hustle-bustle, you need to make some time for your bae! Here are a few things that you can do to make your boyfriend smile. And don’t worry, these aren’t all larger than life gestures. They are mostly small things that show that you care...

1. Nothing like a cute text to make him smile

There cannot be a better start to his day than receiving a cute good morning text from you. In fact, randomly send him a cute text once in a while. Maybe a quote, maybe just an ‘I love you’. This will make him smile no matter how hard a day he is having!
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2. Or, um, a random sext would be awesome too!

It’s never a bad idea or a bad time to send him an enticing sext. He will not be able to resist smiling at his phone, whilst going just a lil’ bit weak at his knees. *Wink*

3. Dedicate a romantic song to him…

The distance may be a lot but that does not mean you can't romance him. Send him a song that reminds you of him or that conveys your feelings for him. This will make him smile and also miss you a little more than usual when he listens to it! 3 make your boyfriend smile

4. Nothing like goofy pictures!

Perfectly posed pictures are for the rest of the world. Your goofy pictures have the power to make him smile in just a glance. So go ahead and send him a few every now and then.

5. Send a surprise gift…

This may sound cliched but no matter how old we are, receiving something unexpected always makes us happy. You don’t have to send him a huge gift… A mug with a witty quote on it or his fave chocolate will do the job! 5 make your boyfriend smile

6. Or send him something that feels more ‘you’

This one’s better than buying a gift. Send him something that’s yours, and it will make him feel as though you are right there by his side. You can send him your oversized sweatshirt or a stole or a comforter. Basically anything that feels ‘you’.

7. Go old school… Write him a love letter!

People rarely send letters these days but that has only added to the charm of receiving one. Write him a love letter and post it - without telling him! Imagine his surprise and happiness when he receives it! 7 make your boyfriend smile

8. Send him food!

This is the trump card! You can never really go wrong with this. If you’ve had a fight or if he is having a bad day, send him a pizza or a cupcake or just anything he likes. It is bound to put a smile on his face!

9. A little social media PDA doesn’t hurt…

Tag him in romantic or funny memes or randomly Instagram a photo with him. A little display of affection once in a while is not such a bad idea, especially when you are far apart. 9 make your boyfriend smile

10. Plan a date night!

So what if you cannot be together?! Send him a bottle of wine and a classy meal. Make it a date night on Skype. Sit together, chat, drink and have fun. This is bound to lift his spirits because it's oh-so-sweet.

11. There’s nothing better than a surprise visit!

Take help from his friends and drop in unannounced. This one’s gonna make him grin ear to ear and then hug you tight!
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