10 Tips To Plan A Bridal Shower Your BFF Will Remember *Forever*

10 Tips To Plan A Bridal Shower Your BFF Will Remember *Forever*
Move over, bachelorette – the new flavour of the season is the ultimate bridal shower with fun themes, great table settings and quirky favours. Get set to make the bride-to-be feel special in your own special and unique way. Here are some handy tips on how to throw her the best bridal shower EVER.

1. Start with the theme

What does she like? Books, coffee, wine, adventure – stick to one thing and let the whole theme revolve around it. Think book club party, Harry Potter costumes, vineyard, movie hall. Look for ideas on the internet but remember that customization will be your key.

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2. Work on the invitation

Check on the guest list and their possible availability. Finalise the date and send out the invitations. You could get the invites printed on a nice paper card by your local printer as well.

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3. Get off to a sweet start

Another cutesy idea would be to welcome your guests with a candy bar stocked with jellies, gummies, M&Ms, sour candies and macarons. Refresh your bestie’s childhood memories before she becomes a Mrs.

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4. Keep her fav food

What’s a party without good food? Well, you may not want to plan out big meals (leave that for the wedding day) but go for a well-curated menu. Stuff she likes - bite sized sandwiches, instant noodles with dollops of cheese, her favourite cheesecake - you can just go on and on with it.

5. Make the drinks interesting

A lot depends on the theme and the choice of spirits your friends like but there is nothing better than a fruit punch. Spiked? Why not? Or think of popsicles or DIY smoothies with some alcohol.

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6. Make it super relaxing

A bridal shower is all about the bride bonding with her besties. You could light candles, sprinkle essential oils, bring on the diffuser and make it a fun, relaxing time for her in the middle of all the wedding planning chaos!

7. Print banners

Adding some personalized elements at the bridal shower is a great idea. You could print banners and sashays with her name and also of those attending the party. Get those cutesy tags of bride-to be, keep it on everything reserved for her. Keep a special chair for her. Make her feel like a queen!

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8. Play some fun games   

There are plenty of bridal shower games that you could play. Like bingo, scavenger hunt, a kinky quiz - the options are plenty. Make it super fun, girls.

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9. Fun activities at the shower

Have your guests do something for the bride. Like write down a traditional family recipe or paint on a mug or write on a cushion cover – she can take these things along with her to her new home as memories of this day.

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10. Keep gifts for the guests

It’ll be very thoughtful of you to keep small gifts for the ones attending the party. A nice candle, mason jars, or a shot glass- anything that would remind them of the day.

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