17 Things You'll Totally Get If He Is Not As Romantic As You!

17 Things You'll Totally Get If He Is Not As Romantic As You!
If your man is not all that romantic - and you often find yourself carrying the weight of all the romance of your relationship on your shoulders - then you have come to the right place! You will totally get these 17 things if he is just not romantic the way you are! *Sigh*

1. You have to ask your friends to gift-guide him before every important occasion...

Like, you literally have to message your friends and ask them to talk to him and convince him why new headphones is NOT what you want for your birthday!

1 not romantic

2. And there is still a chance he will end up gifting you socks!

Even after all that hard work, there is a high chance he will end up gifting you socks in an unwrapped package with a note that says “Happy Birthday, Babe!”

3. You already know every surprise he tries to plan out!

But you have to act surprised in order to not demoralize his efforts. But it also means the next time you have an argument about this, he inevitably says: “But I just gave you a surprise!”

3 not romantic

4. His idea of a romantic dinner is McDonald’s!

It’s cheap, it’s right around the corner, it’s filling...he doesn’t see why you need to spend 500 bucks on one plate of pasta!

5. When you tell him that you’re cold, his response is “I told you to carry a jacket!”

Not only did he just ignore your subtle hint about needing his arm around you, his “I told you so!” headshake leaves you feeling a bit lame (and makes your heart feel so cold)!

5 not romantic

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6. He thinks watching Captain America: Civil War on movie night is totally legit.

Because, of course, a bunch of superheroes fighting with each other is bound to make any girl’s heart flutter.

7. And when he does finally watch a rom-com, he can’t help but point out the flaws!

He doesn’t understand how watching a movie with a guy running across town just to stop his girl from getting on that plane is supposed to be romantic. Couldn’t he just call? “Captain America: Civil War was so much better!” says he.

7 not romantic

8. He’d rather buy you your own ice cream than let you share his...

Why the hatred towards sharing, dude? Sharing is caring right? But no, he thinks it’s comfortable to buy us our own ice cream. I mean, if we wanted an ice cream, we’d get one ourselves...take the hint, man!

9. He always suggests a wrestling match when you spend the night together.

Just because he wants to try the “chokeslam” on you and see how you wriggle out. How super duper exciting!

9 not romantic

10. When you get mad and say “I need some time alone”, he says “Sure, okay.”

Wait, what? I thought you were going to get out of bed and drive to my house and then stand under my balcony and call out to me. Have you watched no movies, boy?

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11. He just doesn’t understand PDA

“What do you mean let’s hold hands? It’s so hot out here!” *Sigh*

11 not romantic

12. Tears freak him out!!

When a woman cries, her man has the opportunity to be her shoulder to cry on and connect on an emotional and physical level. But not our unromantic cuties - they have no clue what to say to us when those tears roll down our cheeks!

13. You WISH you could share half of your romancing capabilities with him.

Like, for real, we have so many of them! If you could just take a bunch and pass it on to him, that’d be great! Thank you very much!

13 not romantic

14. When you say “I’m home alone tonight” and he says “Make sure you lock the room”...

Ughhhh! Loving it that you care so much that you are not even thinking of coming over and getting cosy, but OMG, just understand already!

15. You have given up on dropping subtle hints.

They just don’t work. So no point wasting time trying to think of a subtle way of saying it. If you really want something, say it out loud or hold your silence forever.

15 not romantic

16. He stands there awkwardly when he does manage to pull off something slightly romantic...

With the help of all your friends, of course, when he finally does something romantic, he just fidgets with a sheepish grin, waiting to get out of the situation, because he just doesn’t belong there!!!

17. But he always looks so adorable doing that!

He might not succeed every time (or maybe ever), but the fact that he tries is just oh so adorable! <3

17 not romantic

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