10 Things To NOT Wear To A Shaadi!

10 Things To NOT Wear To A Shaadi!
Indian weddings are all about putting your best sartorial foot forward and to get dressed up even if you’re not the kind who likes to put on blingy outfits and accessories. While going simply turned out for a wedding is okay, there are certain things that are a big no-no when it comes to dressing up for a desi wedding. Here are 10 things you should never wear to a wedding!

1. Jeans - Not Even Your Most Formal Pair

Nope, this is just a total no-no. You can put on something as simple and comfy as ever, but jeans aren’t even an option to wear to an Indian wedding. Go for silk pants or even leggings but denim jeans will just make you look too casual, awkward and out of place.

1 never wear to a wedding

2. Don’t Wear Too Much Black Or White 

Because it’s an Indian wedding and that means tons of colour and bling! Plus, head to toe black or white is more appropriate for a funeral You can include white/ black in your ensemble but let that not be the dominating colour. Break it with some colour or elaborate jewellery. Mix and match black or white with neutral colours, or pops of neon!

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3. Short Dresses

Short dresses look amazing but maybe not so much at a wedding, so avoid wearing your LBDs this time. Even if you don’t feel like dressing up, put on a simple suit or a kurta with palazzo pants perhaps. You don’t want judgmental aunties staring you down, right?

3 never wear to a wedding

4. Very Bright Hues

We geddit, it’s a wedding and you want to wear bright colours that make you stand out in the crowd. Yes, you can wear your favourite pinks and oranges together but just make sure that they mix and match well. You don’t want to end up looking like a shade card, do you?

5. High Heels

Most weddings happen in open parks or farmhouses that basically have grass, mud and a little moss here and there too. Even if the floor is carpeted, the uneven surface can make you wobble and trip if you wear very high heels. Sure, they look great but with your lehenga or sari on, falling down is the last thing you want!

5 never wear to a wedding

6. A Red Saree

Save that for the bride, seriously. Wear any colour, but as far as Indian weddings are concerned, just save the red for the bride. There are a million other colours to choose from, so pick wisely!

7. Ornamental Headbands And Tiaras

Yes, we know they’re in vogue and look cute too. But you can put them on only if you’re wearing a muted, one-tone ensemble that doesn’t have a lot of bling on it. Save it for the bride, it’s her big day. Let her feel like a princess!

7 never wear to a wedding

8. OTT Sexy

You might have abs and perky boobs with all the sweating you did at the gym, and that’s awesome! But you probably want to save your super sexy and revealing outfits for a Saturday night out instead of a wedding!

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9. Too Much Bling!

Yes, too much bling is a thing, guys. You can’t wear all the gold you have in your locker. By which we mean don’t jewel up your outfit too much. If you’re wearing a heavy neckpiece, ditch the earrings. If you’re wearing lots of bangles, skip the rings or haath phool. Maintain a balance, ladies!

9 never wear to a wedding

10. Being Over Made Up!

This is a super important tip. Please, ladies, do NOT layer up your face with tons of foundation when you’re just a guest at a wedding. In fact, don’t do this even if you’re the bride. Don’t highlight, contour, paint your lips red and get smokey eyes all at once to make your shaadi selfies look flawless because they won't! Keep it subtle - if you’re doing a smokey eye, wear a nude lip colour, and if your lips have a bold tint on, give that heavy eye makeup a miss.

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