11 Things To Know About Dating A Girl With An Older Brother!

11 Things To Know About Dating A Girl With An Older Brother!
Dating is tough. But dating a girl with an older brother? That’s different ball game altogether. But worry not, because we are here to help you out. These 11 things totally sum up what it’s really like to date a girl with an older brother!

1. She’s pretty badass

If you are under the impression that sibling fights are "adorable", allow us to shatter that myth for you. Several years of fighting with her brother over who gets to control the television remote or eat the last slice of pizza has made her quite adept at throwing a good punch.

1 dating a girl with an older brother

2. Sarcasm and quick comebacks are her forte

Again, her brother did not treat her like a precious little snowflake and neither does she expect you to treat her as such. She has been teased mercilessly nine ways to Sunday and needless to say, her comebacks are on point!

3. You won’t have to be careful with your jokes in her presence

Thanks to her older brother, she has become quite immune to dumb jokes, gross jokes, self-deprecating jokes, and everything that falls in between. But that doesn't mean she won't judge you for them!!

3 dating a girl with an older brother

4. Maybe she shares her brother’s enthusiasm for sports - maybe she has simply learnt to bear with it!

Either way, you can count on her to watch the game with you!

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5. You will have to get past her brother before you get to meet her parents

So you thought that meeting her parents would be stressful? Well, you wouldn’t even get to that stage until you get her brother’s seal of approval. You would have to impress him first, and that won’t be an easy feat, you can be sure of that.

5 dating a girl with an older brother

6. You need to be understanding and supportive of her dreams and aspirations

To be fair, you should be doing that irrespective of whether or not she has an older brother. But trust us when we say this, if brother dear gets so much as a whiff of you (or anyone even remotely related to you, for that matter) possibly keeping her from achieving her goals, you will be in major trouble.

7. You need to never even think about PDA!

PDA in any form WHATSOEVER will not be tolerated, because big brother will be watching you. All the time. Everywhere. It's true, don't test it!

7 dating a girl with an older brother

8. She will hold you to pretty high standards

She has seen her brother treat his girlfriend with love, respect and commitment, and she expects nothing less from you.

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9. If you ever break her heart, this is what her big brother will look like...

And no, we are not exaggerating.

9 dating a girl with an older brother

10. Oh, and don’t even think about saying a word against her brother...

Sure, she’ll complain to you about her brother having driven her to the verge of insanity, but say something against him, and she WILL break your bones.

11. You’ll never be the most important man in her life.

Yup, that is something you’ll just have to live with. Sorry!

11 dating a girl with an older brother

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