12 Things Every Girl *Needs* To Know About Her Vagina!

12 Things Every Girl *Needs* To Know About Her Vagina!
Let's face it, every girl already knows - or should know - that your vagina is amazing. It does some seriously awesome things. Like giving birth. I mean, hello, talk about squeezing a watermelon out of a grape!! But there are plenty lesser known and equally weirdly wonderful things that your ‘lady daisy’ is capable of...let's find out some fun facts!

1. She's really sensitive...

In fact, with 8,000 nerve endings on the clitoris alone, it is the most sensitive part of your entire body!

1 things girls should know about the vagina

2. She's a grower ...

Your vagina can increase up to two-thirds its own size (in terms of depth) when it is extremely turned on! (But do you ever hear us boasting about that one, hmm, boys?!)

3. Sometimes she has bad breath too...

Research has found that your diet can affect the smell of things down there, especially during the ovulation period. So, lay off the extra garlic that week, maybe?!

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4. She benefits from going to the gym and can handle an intense workout!

The muscular tone of the vagina is pretty strong; so don't be afraid to work those pelvic floor muscles by doing kegel exercises! They'll seriously pay off in the bedroom...hello, orgasm no. 3!

4 things girls should know about the vagina

5. She says a lot without whispering a word!

Your baby-maker actually communicates when the best time to successfully copulate to produce babies is - i.e., when you’re ovulating. You'll notice a clear, rubbery and stretchy discharge around this time of the month! (Though oral contraceptives may alter the natural appearance of the discharge.)

6. She gives ‘multiple’ a whole new meaning...

While most of us may know that the vagina is capable of achieving many orgasms per session - some of us may be surprised to learn that there are also four different types of orgasm: blended, multiple, clitoral and vaginal. (WHOA!)

7. She keeps a really clean home...!

Discharge helps to eliminate bacteria. Vaginas are capable of cleaning themselves and restoring the natural pH balance, which makes douching an unpleasant and unnecessary process!

7 things girls should know about the vagina

8. She never loses anything.

It's actually impossible for things to get ‘lost’ in the vagina - even if the condom comes off or something! The cervix intercepts anything between the vagina and uterus opening; the tiny opening that is there - it is made for sperm, and that’s the only thing it’s going to let pass through!

9. She isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of gal!

Vaginas are all the same, pretty much, on the inside. But the vulva (i.e., the outer lips and the clitoris) comes in all different sizes, shapes and colours.

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10. She's your window to a stress free life!

Having regular sex (or even masturbation) allows the release of certain hormones that help to keep the main stress hormone (cortisol) at bay!

10 things girls should know about the vagina

11. She shouldn't be judged on her hymen!

Some women are born without hymens altogether, others break during activities such as running, horse riding, cycling, etc. The ‘hymen’ test is really no test at all.

12. She could save lives...!

While this is still somewhat theoretical and work in progress, it is believed that stem cell research conducted using the cells from menstrual blood could help to regenerate cells in those who have suffered from heart failure and other ailments! #WinningLadyParts or what?

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