'How Do You Want Him To Propose?' 10 Girls Spill Their Secrets!

'How Do You Want Him To Propose?' 10 Girls Spill Their Secrets!
Even though we can't exactly plan how and when the perfect proposal would play out (unless we take matters into our own hands, of course), it's fun to imagine what the fairy tale scenario would be! We asked girls, from all over the country, to tell us about their dream proposals... And this is what they came up with! (Psst! There's no shame in showing your guy this article to throw a little inspiration his way!)

1. Under the sea

I think it would be amazing if my boyfriend and I were going snorkelling or scuba diving and he happened to pop the question underwater! It would be an actual dream come true and I can't think of a better fairy tale than being the little mermaid! - Ayesha, Mumbai1 dream proposals

2. On top of the world

Probably on top of a mountain or something, like looking out into the world and being in nature and then seeing my boyfriend go down on one knee proposing to me - that's something I would never, ever forget. - Nidhi, Delhi

3. The day we met

Honestly, it doesn't have to be over the top for it to be like a fairytale. My boyfriend and I met when we were in the 11th standard at the swimming club down the road... Taking me back there and re-creating that memory would be enough to sweep me off my feet and make me say yes! - Roshni, Bangalore

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4. Flashdance

I want the whole shabang - lights, camera, music...the works! I love those flash dance proposals in malls and stuff. Imagine just doing normal shopping and then having your world transformed into a real life movie as your guy gets down on one knee! Perfect! - Sara, Mumbai

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5. Just the two of us

I want it to be when it's just the two of us. We could be anywhere from the swings at the local park or on a drive somewhere. But in that moment, I want it to be something that only me and him share and treasure forever! - Kalyani, Pune

6. Fireworks in the sky

Okay, so I don't even know if this is possible... But my ultimate proposal would be the words "will you marry me" written in fireworks across the sky! There's no way I would ever be able to say no to that! - Pooja, Hyderabad

7. And just like that...

I think this could backfire and I could get really mad at him (and probably fight) but it would be cool if he was able to throw me off guard and make it seem as though it was the most normal day ever and then at the end have this ridiculously, romantic candle lit proposal planned for me... The surprise would be enough for it to be like a fairytale! - Manya, Delhi

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8. New home, new beginnings

My boyfriend's family are in the middle of building their new house. For some reason I keep imagining that he will take me to the site - to show me around and then in the middle of the dust he would say something like, "and this is where our room would be" and without a moment's hesitation - propose! Talk about being a dreamer, hehe ... - Kashish, Bangalore

9. The perfect date

It's a bit of a cliché... But I want the perfect candle-lit dinner, the flowers, the band serenading our table, the champagne and then in front of the whole restaurant I want him to surprise me and go down on one knee (even though I would have probably figured out what was happening, it would still be perfect) and that would be MY fairytale proposal come true! - Kavita, Cochin

10. Pick one...

I watch too many movies and have too many ideas for what I want my fairytale proposal to be... But to be honest I don't even have a boyfriend! I think a dream come true would be if he took me to a jewellery store out of nowhere and we were in the ring section and he would just say, "Pick one…" All very Sweet Home Alabama but so romantic! - Safa, Mumbai

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