12 Tips To Plan The Most AWESOME Bachelorette For Your Bestie!

12 Tips To Plan The Most AWESOME Bachelorette For Your Bestie!
One of the prime responsibilities of being a bridesmaid is to plan an epic bachelorette. And let’s face it, it’s one of the first things that come to mind when we hear that our friends are getting married. While the world is your oyster and obviously you can channelize all your creativity into planning the perfect bachelorette, we suggest you keep the following things in mind!

1. Take the bride’s tastes into consideration

There’s a very big chance that you want a stereotypical bachelorette complete with phallic cakes and naughty games, but the bride doesn’t want this. There are many girls who are not comfortable with dirty talks and if your friend is one of them, you’ve got to respect that. There’s no point throwing a bachelorette which the bride isn’t enjoying.

(PS: Don’t worry. Ultimately, it’s a bachelorette. The talk at some point will turn dirty, but make sure you don’t make her uncomfortable right at the onset.)

1 planning a bachelorette party

2. Get the guest list from her

Even if the bachelorette is a surprise, you need to run the guest list past the bride-to-be. The thing with weddings is that you don’t want to leave anyone out of fear of hurting emotions. So even if you feel like you know who her close gang is, you never know which cousins/ neighbours/ colleagues need to be invited too! So you might as well sound her off right at the start about the attendees.

3. Think about the monetary angle

To be super honest with you, here’s where things get sort of complicated. No matter what you have in mind, you can’t expect to plan it and worry about the money later. Since it’s a party for her – she shouldn’t be expected to dole out big bucks for this. That means, you girls will have to pitch in for this last single bash of your common girl friend. Also, not everybody will be able to afford the same things and you don’t want unhappiness or arguments later. Plan the budget well, is all we’re saying - one that suits all and the party goes well too.

3 planning a bachelorette party

4. Listen to the bride’s wishes

Nowadays, a lot of brides think about the bachelorette as a function in itself. This means that they keep a budget for it and are very involved in the planning process. You should be prepared for this. Don’t get annoyed that she’s taking away the opportunity from you. Instead, think of the extra things you can surprise her with. So if she already knows the venue and the plan, then think of what you could gift her. Perhaps sexy lingerie for her wedding night? Yep, now you’re talking!

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5. Involve the groom somehow

No, he doesn’t have to attend the bachelorette (Hah! He wishes!). But you should have him drop by right at the end once all the dirty talk is done and she’s buzzed as a bee. That’ll be an awesome surprise and she’s going to love it. If he can’t be there physically, have him leave a video message of some sort.

5 planning a bachelorette party

6. Decide on a date as soon as you can

As the wedding gets nearer, the chaos only increases. Don’t leave the bachelorette party for the last minute. You don’t want to run the risk of her not being able to enjoy it properly.

7. It’s part of your job to get her excited

As much as the bride-to-be would have dreamed of her crazy bachelorette at one point in time, right now it may not feature in her list of priorities. This is only because she has too much on her plate. It wouldn’t harm if you keep the excitement level up and keep on telling her just how much fun it’s going to be.

7 planning a bachelorette party

8. Don’t overdo it

Slightly contradicting the point above, we must clarify that you shouldn’t overdo the keenness and excitement about this bachelorette. At the end of the day, she may have way more important things going on in her life. Maybe she’s losing it juggling work and wedding prep, maybe she’s sleep deprived, maybe she’s nervous about moving. Whatever be the reason, respect her space too.

9. Send reminders

Some people tend to have the memory span of a goldfish. If you want everyone to turn up for the bachelorette party, don’t forget to send a gazillion reminders during the run-up to it. It’s all for the bride-to-be, so don’t let your ego get in the way of doing such things.

9 planning a bachelorette party

10. Plan it meticulously

You don’t just have to book the venue and the cake. Think of what you’d like to do once you all are there. There are tons of awesome bachelorette/ bridal shower games available on the internet. Print them out and make people play them. Games are a great unifier and this way, guests who don’t know each other will get comfy together in no time. You can also make sure there’s a DJ so that it eventually turns out to be a crazy night of dancing and fun.

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11. Lay off the social media

As tempting as it is to broadcast every moment of our lives on social media, we’d suggest you leave the bachelorette out of it. Not only does it make people conscious while you’re Snapchatting them playing a naughty game, the bride herself will be uncomfortable with stuff going up on Facebook. She’s about to walk into a whole new family and you don’t want to scandalize them!

11 planning a bachelorette party

12. Keep enough alcohol

This one sounds like a no-brainer but large female groups bonding over dirty talk and the not-so-popular exes tend to consume alcohol faster than anyone else. So...yeah!

Hope you learned a thing or two and would throw your bestie a bachelorette to remember!

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