8 Simple Tips To Have A Stress Free (And FUN) Courtship Period!

8 Simple Tips To Have A Stress Free (And FUN) Courtship Period!
Congratulations! He put a ring on it and now you’re a bride-to-be! The courtship period is the most exciting phase of your life, right? Well, that’s debatable! A lot of people have experienced not so pleasant things in this phase. So to make this a hassle-free engagement period for you, we’ve come up with ways to ensure the run up to your wedding is smooth and super fun!

1. Take time out to talk to your fiancé

We know that once you have been proclaimed the bride-to-be, you submerge yourself in the wedding planning process and go at it with all guns blazing! While that’s only natural, we suggest you slow things down a little. Instead of starting things straight away - have a long, detailed chat with the fiancé. Decide on important things like how small/ big you’d like the wedding to be, how much money you would like to spend on it, etc.

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2. Set the right expectations

While it’s tempting to put work (and other commitments) off and just scurry about planning things, you need to remember to set the right expectations. Your in-laws should know that you’re not always going to leave work and be available for shopping/ planning dates in the middle of the day. If everyone knows what to expect from you and your schedule, it’ll help things go uber smooth.

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3. Be organized

We admit that we include this point in almost all our posts that are directly or indirectly related to the pre-wedding phase, but that’s because we just cannot stress on it enough! Being organized will help avoid unnecessary chaos, thus leading to a stress-free and enjoyable wedding planning phase. Think pretty stationery, to-do lists, and excel sheets – and you’ll be one happy, hands-on bride!

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4. Don’t waste time

Time management is key in this phase. If you waste too much time just staring at reference outfits on Pinterest and not enough time actually shopping, you are going to regret it! And clothes are just the tip of the iceberg, trust us!

5. Be honest and upfront

What makes this phase challenging is the sheer amount of decision making you’re going to be doing all through it. You will have to be vocal about your choices and tastes, with your fiancé and with both the families. This is not the time to act coy! We repeat - this is *really* not the time to act coy. If you’re the kind of girl who has very specific ideas about her wedding, then you need to speak up, NOW!

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6. Stay focused

For a lot of brides, this is a challenging time because they are trying to do too many things at one time. You need to determine what is worth your time and energy, and focus on that. For instance, if you really want to focus on losing weight for the wedding, then focus on that. If you have a gym class to go to, make sure you don’t ditch it for plans with friends. They’re your friends, after all - they may whine a little but in the end they will understand.

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7. Do what you love

No one should be telling you what you should and shouldn’t do in this phase. We know girls who have chosen to spend most of this phase travelling with their fiancé, some who have spent it getting to know the fiance’s family better by hanging out with them all the time, and some who have spent it entirely with their own parents and siblings given that this time won’t come back! Clearly, there’s no right or wrong here. This is an emotional time and transitions like that are never easy. Please don’t listen to anyone and do whatever you feel is right!

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8. Rise above the drama

The engagement period can get tricky because most of our families have no dearth of relatives giving their opinions about how the wedding should be. Of course, you already know that ignorance is bliss. But just in case, you are still getting embroiled in some daily drama, just rise above it. People might give unwarranted advice and that will get to you at times. The best you can get through this is to remember that very soon you’re going to walk down the aisle with someone very special and thus shall begin your happily ever after!

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