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What Happened When We Were Making Out… & An Uncle Interrupted!

What Happened When We Were Making Out… & An Uncle Interrupted!
Rohit and I were dating each other since high school and it had been a while to that. We always had a lot to talk and were never bored of each other. There was always something that kept the spark alive and made us desire each other more. It all started with a beautiful kiss that made us crave for more.
We made love after being in a relationship for around three years and four months. Though the first time we had sex wasn’t that great, but the feeling of being one lingered within me. And it only got better with time. However, every time we planned to have alone time, the only thing that came in our way was - time constraints. Whenever his mom went out, he used to call me up so that we could have a quickie. Trust me, thinking that she’d be back any minute, freaked me out every single time. I used to think what would happen if someone caught me making out with my boyfriend! But I guess it was the adrenaline rush that kept us going. Also read: What Happened When We Tried… Sex By Candlelight!! Then one day he told me, ‘My friend Sanchit and his parents are going out for vacation for one full week and their house keys will be with me. So, I was wondering if we could, umm…’ I looked at him with confused expressions. He looked at me sheepishly and gave me that adorable smile. I said, ‘So you want me to come and stay?’ He just made a puppy face and expected me to say yes. But I was not convinced and worried what if Sanchit and his parents came back and caught us? That would really be an awkward situation for all of us. But I gave in, and agreed. I just couldn’t resist when I thought we would get some privacy and plenty of time to be with each other - just ‘us’ lost in our beautiful world. The much awaited day finally arrived, and I was extremely excited...and nervous.
Internal making out with my boyfriend I reached around 10 am. Rohit kept the front door open for me. I stepped in and was feeling really nervous because it was our first time at his friend’s place. But all my worries vanished when he held me from the back, closed my eyes and gave me a beautiful surprise. The bed was beautifully decorated and my initials were written with rose petals. I was so happy that I jumped on him and hugged him tightly. Then he lifted me and took me to the bed. We started kissing passionately and he whispered in my ear, ‘My love, today nobody will disturb us. No hurry, no worries. Just calm down and be mine’. Also read: What Happened When My Brother Caught Me With My Boyfriend! Everything was right - the mood, the setting, the romance. We were cuddling and I just wanted that cozy feel to last forever. Then the worst thing happened… We heard someone calling out, ‘Is anybody there? Astha (Sanchit’s mom) are you there?’ Both of us were shocked and scared. I whispered, ‘Rohit are they back?? Oh no! What should I do now? Where should I hide? Under the bed? Inside the bathroom? What if he walks inside and find me with no clothes on? I wish I hadn’t agreed in the first place, this fiasco wouldn’t have happened. Making out here was absolutely the worst idea ever!’ Rohit signaled me to be quiet and he shouted from room only, ‘Uncle it’s me Rohit. Sanchit and his parents went for vacation for a week!’ The man replied, ‘Okay. I found the door opened so I thought that maybe they changed their plan. Anyway, you take rest beta. I will come later.’ And he left after saying that.
I was mad at Rohit and asked him how could he be so careless that he forgot to close the main door. What if he would have directly walked in and caught us in middle of the act. My heart was beating so loudly. Rohit just hugged me and told me to not worry. I hugged him and slept peacefully in his arms. *Names changed to protect privacy
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