10 Reasons You’ll Miss Your Roomie Once You Move Out!

10 Reasons You’ll Miss Your Roomie Once You Move Out!
Living with someone new for the first time can be extremely nerve-wrecking and very dicey too. But after you’ve lived together for a while, this person who was once a stranger, will end up being your best friend. Once you or your roommate moves away, this is how you will miss her.

1. She’ll not be the first thing you wake up to anymore...

For the entirety of the time you lived with her, she was the first person who asked if you wanted your morning coffee. She’s the one who woke you up from your deep sleep for important classes or simply because she wanted to cry on your shoulder after a fight with her boyfriend.

1 miss your roommate

2. You won’t be developing your culinary skills together

When you moved out of home, all you had was your mother’s recipes and absolutely zero cooking skills to make a decent meal for yourself. But your roommate and you both learned how to cook different dishes, together. She made the breakfast, you made dinner. But no you’ll have to do it all by yourself now!

3. Midnight binge-eating sessions

When you are staying away from home, you definitely don’t get to have awesome homemade food, so you make do with what you can. But remember the nights you felt hungry exactly around midnight? And you and your roommate raided every shelf in the kitchen and wiped the fridge out clean and ate like monsters without an ounce of regret, guilt or shame? Remember? Yeah, you’ll miss that!

3 miss your roommate

4. Asking her to get you stuff whenever she went out

“Can you get me some ice cream?” “Can you buy me some pads on your way back?” These little privileges are what you will miss the most.

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5. Hours of watching a mindless series with her

She had practically become family to you, more like a sister and you were comfortable doing absolutely nothing with her and yet it was so much fun!

5 miss your roommate

6. She won’t be around every time you’ll need advice

Whenever you needed advice, inputs or even someone to put some sense back into your head, you could always count on her.

7. Your flat was your own home with her

It was your little space, one that you could call your own. You furnished it, decorated it and turned it into a loving abode together. You will never be able to call another place home in the same sense.

7 miss your roommate

8. You’ll miss seeing her grow as a person

With every new day, you saw her grow and evolve into a better, smarter and more confident person. You’ll stay in touch as much as possible but you’ll feel her absence the entire time.

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9. You’ll hate having to keep in touch virtually...

Because when you were living with her, she was practically your husband. You did everything together. And there will be this huge void that you won’t know how to fill.

9 miss your roommate

10. You’ll miss having your personal full-time stand-up comedian!

She kept you laughing all day long and you will forever be grateful for all the days she brought the sun out for you.

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