11 *New* Friendship Words EVERY Girl Should Know About!

11 *New* Friendship Words EVERY Girl Should Know About!

We are always looking for ways to express our love towards our girlfriends... But slangs such as ‘bestie’ and ‘BFF’ are so passe now, aren't they?! Allow us to introduce you to these 11 new friendship slang words that you need to know the next time you decide to declare your love for your squad on social media. 

You can also send your girlfriends these mushy Friendship Day messages and let them know that they are loved and appreciated!

1. YASSS Queen!

The term is the 2016 version of ‘You Go, Girlfriend!’ and has now come to be used to show your resounding approval for anything that your friend does, be it for slaying that outfit or for being her #flawless self in general. 1 friendship slang

2. Goombah

Refers to your closest friend, albeit in gangsta’ style.

3. Baesic

A hybrid of the words ‘bae’ and ‘basic’, baesic refers to your girl best friend who, let’s face it, is your actual bae but, as it happens, is also a bit too basic. 3 friendship slang

4. Weezy

It simply means a friend or an acquaintance. Also read: 13 Chick Flicks To Watch With Your Besties On A Girls Night In!

5. NBF

It stands for 'New Best Friend' and is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Oh, and don’t ever use it in the presence of your old bestie - you have been warned! 5 friendship slang

6. Clique

Clique refers to a group of close friends. It is the new #squad. After Squad was the new Clique. You get our drift?

7. Bub

It is simply a term of endearment for your friend! 7 friendship slang

8. Friencess

All of us have one friend, who is a 'friencess', that is, a combination of a friend and a princess. You know, that one friend who always wants more attention than anyone else in the group? Yup, that’s the one.   Also read: 13 *New* Sex Words EVERY Girl Should Know About!

9. Homegirl

Let’s just say that it is the new BFF. But way more 'hood'. 9 frienship slang

10. Cuddy

For days when the good old ‘buddy’ just won’t cut it.

11. Girlationship

The female equivalent to the famous 'Bro Code', girlationship refers to the bond between two girlfriends, with all the benefits of a romantic relationship but remains platonic nevertheless… Or does it? *Wink* 11 friendship slang Happy hashtagging, ladies! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr