10 Awesome Tips To Be The *Best Dressed* At Every Wedding!

10 Awesome Tips To Be The *Best Dressed* At Every Wedding!
It’s shaadi season and you are invited to a whole lot of weddings. Dressing up for Indian weddings can be a lot of fun! Picking outfits for different functions, deciding what jewellery and footwear will go with them, the perfect hair and makeup, and so on. Now, you are already a pro at all of this, but what does it really take to be the best dressed? Here are some awesome fashion tips for every indian wedding guest! Read now and you can thank us later.

1. Pick An Unusual Silhouette!

Ditch the same old anarkalis, lehengas and classic sarees and blouses. Instead, go for a variation of these. A saree jumpsuit or a belt over your saree, a jacket anarkali or straight-fitted kurta with cigarette pants and a cape choli with your lehenga. These different styles will surely stand out and you will be noticed like no one else will!

2. Bright Colours Shine!

2 fashion tips for indian wedding guest

Go for a bright coloured outfit. It not only perks up your entire look, but also shows that you are confident enough to carry off a fashionable colour. You’ll see heads turning!

3. Make Sure It Fits Well!

Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it’s well tailored and looks like it was custom made for you. The better the fit, the more compliments you’ll get. It just shows that you’ve paid attention to your attire and your overall look will be much better if the fit is right.

4. Let Your Jewellery Do The Talking!

4 fashion tips for indian wedding guest

Standing out at a party comes much easier to women, because they can play around with statement jewellery. Pick a quirky maangtika or long chandelier earrings, a large cocktail ring or even a fancy bracelet would do. It just becomes that anchor piece which grabs a lot of eyeballs.

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5. Carry A Sassy Bag Or A Clutch!

Don’t hold back when it comes to this particular accessory. From beautiful and artsy potli bags to an embroidered minaudiere. You can choose to carry a striking bag and be in the limelight. Most people do not give this detail enough attention and trust us ladies, it can make a huge difference to your fashion statement.

6. Sparkle On The Feet!

6 fashion tips for indian wedding guest

If you are opting to wear an ensemble that shows off the feet, then make sure it’s worthwhile for the rest of the crowd. Pick completely contrasting hued shoes, something that has a the right kind of bling - an interesting pair of jootis or even just some detailed wedges will work wonders.

7. Pay Attention To The Hair And Makeup!

After you’ve got your clothes and accessories in place, it’s time to look at the makeup and hair. If you are going full throttle then you definitely cannot ignore this. Get your hair styled in a manner that compliments the outfit and make sure that the makeup is right too. Nothing OTT but something that suits you and looks professional!

8. Stay Away From Too Much Bling!  

8 fashion tips for indian wedding guest (1)

There is never any limit to the amount of bling one can wear to an Indian wedding, we all agree. But that’s the thing. Do not pick out everything from your head to your toe that has stones. This may seem a tad bit distasteful.

9 . Strike The Perfect Pose!

You’ve got everything in place so make sure you also strike a pose that makes your outfit look more glamourous. Take a cue from your favourite celebrities. You’ve made all this effort to look like the best dressed guest at a wedding, it’s only befitting that you get clickety with your phone camera on!  

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10. Strut Around Confidently!

10 fashion tips for indian wedding guest

The most important thing about presenting oneself in a crowd is the confidence and elan with which you carry yourself. Walk in with a smile and without being too fidgety. You look beautiful and everyone else thinks so too! Just enter the party with your charming charisma and you’ll win many hearts.

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