Chocolatier Zeba Kohli Picks Her Favourites for the Perfect Diwali Gift

Chocolatier Zeba Kohli Picks Her Favourites for the Perfect Diwali Gift
Chocolatier Zeba Kohli of Fantasie Chocolates is sometimes referred to as the first lady of chocolate in Mumbai. She loves everything about the dreamy, gooey, mouthful of heaven and she’s constantly thinking of new ways to share her love.

We thought, who better than Zeba to give us an insight into some wonderful new, must-try out chocolate variants this festive season.

Gift your near and dear ones a box of these spectacular chocolate combos and you’ll definitely score major brownie points!


We asked Zeba to recommend her 5 favourite chocolate combos from Fantasie Chocolates

Macademia and chocolate stuffed with date: I’d recommend this for the fitness junkie. Macademia is a healthy option (in small quantities, of course!). And dark chocolate has anti-oxidant properties which might help rationalise the guilt factor!

Hundred per cent dark chocolate with prunes: This is a spectacular combination. Prunes are healthy and this pairing has zero fat. If you are diabetics and/or lactose intolerant, it's a great choice as it has no sugar or milk in it.

Black pepper and dark chocolate crème brulee: This is for your adventurous  foodie friends. The black pepper gives it the slight spice and crème brulee takes the edge off. The chocolate is a 75 to 80 per cent dark, so it’s both sophisticated and tasty.

Vanilla and cinnamon infused Mocha chocolate: Everyone loves their coffee and now they want it in different flavours. Vanilla works like a charm so this chocolate with the winning combination of flavours and sells extremely  well.

After dinner mint, infused with a dark chocolate chip medallion: It’s a perfect wash for your palette, especially after a festive meal.

The above chocolate combinations are all available at Fantasie Chocolates.