What to Expect When Your Bestie Is Getting Married

What to Expect When Your Bestie Is Getting Married

There comes a time in every girl’s life...when her bestie decides to get married! And trust us, ladies, it’s not all fun and games. You’re pretty much the second-most excited person when it comes to the wedding after her (not counting her parents, of course!), but you also know it’s a life-changing event for not only her but you too. What with all the wedding prep and all the functions to wade through and the last-minute single-girl bucket-list points she needs to tick off, you’re going to be on as much of an emotional roller-coaster ride as she is. Haven’t thought about it before? Well, here’s your checklist of what to expect when your bestie is getting married. Read on - and prepare!

1. Awwwwww... You are so happy for her! And excited!

Point 1- Aww you're so happy for her and excited (http-_38.media.tumblr.com_22a7cab42a78e3a4387c41ed051771b7_tumblr_mgxnblctLL1qdvraco1_500.gif)

2. You go all CID on the fiancee’s ass. No one can be good enough for your bestie.

3. You read up on all the things a bestie does at a wedding.

4. Since she’s going to be a busy bee now, you may not receive calls, texts or hangout plans from her all that often. The “We” is no longer you and her, it’s all about her and her fiance. You can’t help but secretly hate him just a teeny-tiny bit.

Point 6- If you're secretly single (http-_static.ibnlive.in.com_ibnlive_pix_ibnhome_bollywoodcriers10.gif)

5. But then you start living out of your BFF’s house even more! Shaadi prep is so much fun. Plus you want to spend every waking minute with your bestie and make it count!

Point 4- You start living out of your bffs house (http-_static.ibnlive.in.com_ibnlive_pix_ibnhome_allgirlsschool12.gif)

6. Manish, Sabya, Anamika - you’ll start spouting out designer names excitedly.

7. If you are single, you secretly think: “Damn, I wish I would find my dulha.” But you instantly hate yourself for thinking it. But then you suddenly want to give speed-dating a shot!  You even start considering giving in to your parents demands to see boys for an arranged marriage. You start imagining your own perfect proposal.


8. Once the invites are sent out and the countdown begins, you’re an emotional wreck. Your feelings range from happiness and excitement to envy and fear of losing your bestie. It’s worse than PMS!

9. All those feelings of sadness are forgotten once the functions begin. Your only priority is being by her side, calming her nerves and making sure she has a ball of a time at her wedding.

10. Even if you detest attending weddings, you know you’ll have to attend all the ceremonies and reach at least 3 hours before everyone else since you’ll be the one helping your bestie get ready.


11. The mehendi and sangeet and shaadi can wait - the first thing you have to start planning is a raging bachelorette party! It’s gotta be FAB.

Point 10-bachelorette (http-_media.tumblr.com_tumblr_m1q3fgr4js1r3nlhp.gif)

12. Everyone knows your name...everyone! From the choreographer to the mithaiwala, they know they have to come to you when something goes wrong.

13. You have to figure out which distant bhabhi and bua you should keep away from your bestie ’cos she’s secretly hated them since childhood.

14. You want to dance to every Bollywood song you hear for the sangeet. You start obsessing about dance practice and motivating all the chaachis and maamis to perform their best. You’ll have to outshine the boy’s side after all!


15. The one thought running through your mind is: “How do I steal the groom’s joota without anyone noticing?”

16. You need to look uber-hot at the wedding. You’re second in line, aren’t you? Plus all those cute boys checking you out...well worth those gym sessions you were forced to attend with your bestie.

Point 8- You start imagining your own proosal (http-_fuckyeahbollygifs.tumblr.com_post_33384880630)

17. You know you’ll cry the most during the vidaai ’cos she’ll be moving away... You start wondering who’ll come with you for that early morning Zara sale now.

Point 11-You'll cry the most at the bidaai (http-_25.media.tumblr.com_tumblr_me4g7pKBE11r0d35eo1_500.gif)

18. Y’all reminisce about your childhood and wonder how time flew by. Then y’all giggle through every event.

19. Finally, D-Day is here! You couldn’t be happier for your bestie and are so excited for her as she starts this new journey, but you can’t believe how fast it all went by and suddenly feel lost without anything to do after the wedding. Don't worry! It'll be okay. :)

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