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12 Thoughts You Have During Your Bestie’s Shaadi Ceremony!

12 Thoughts You Have During Your Bestie’s Shaadi Ceremony!

Any bestie worth her title would have spent hours and hours discussing the other one’s wedding. It just comes with the territory of being a bestie, we think! But what happens during the wedding? A whirlwind of emotions and feelings result in the following thoughts every girl has while her bestie is getting married!

1. “OMG – she looks so beautiful!”

“I really can’t believe this day is finally here.”

2. “I’m so happy and so emotional at the same time”

“But I got to be strong, for her!” 2 bestie is getting married - Sonam

3. “I really need to pee, but I’m worried she’ll look for me if I leave this spot”

“Sorry bladder, you’ve got to co-operate today!” Also read: 15 Things Every Girl Goes Through At Her Bestie’s Wedding!

4. “I cannot believe she’s actually getting married”

“Weren’t we hanging out in our school uniforms just yesterday?” 4 bestie is getting married - deepika

5. “I really hope nothing changes between us”

“I’m going to be so mad at her husband if he takes up all her time!”

6. “I’m so happy she’s marrying into a super nice family”

“They better like me too because I’m sure as hell going to be around.” 6 bestie is getting married - sonam

7. “She’s looking like such a stunner”

“This salmon pink is totally her colour!”

8. “I wonder what she’s thinking right now”

“Whoops! There it is – her 'I'm-bored' face! Lol!” 8 bestie is getting married - alia

9. “We prepped for this wedding for what seem like forever…”

“And just like that, it’s almost done! #whatislife”

10. “My bestie is about to become a wife!”

“Dear universe, can you slow down this time-flying-phenomenon?!” 10 bestie is getting married - sonam

11. “I wonder if she’ll feel the same things when it’s my turn!”

“She will be more experienced and that’ll definitely be a plus.” Also read: 7 AMAZING Bachelorette Ideas To Make Your Bestie Feel *Special*

12. “OMG, IT’S DONE! SHE’S MARRIED! I’M smiling but I really need a hug and some tissues!

*Exchanges a look with her and both well up* 12 bestie is getting married - deepika GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy
Published on Oct 5, 2016
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